On the Eighth Day of AniChristmas (The Theme of Friendship)

On the eighth day of AniChristmas, InterestSoap gave to me, a post about the themes that anime have. Yes, I know that there are 100s of those, but for this post, I am going to focus on one of the most obvious and common one. The theme of friendship (or the more general term, relationships).

Friendship... the ship that will never sink... that was a bad joke.

In every single anime I have ever seen, there is always a very strong theme of friendship or relationships between the different characters. Be it Fairy Tail’s Natsu and Naruto’s Naruto screaming and yelling they would protect their friends to the more realistic versions of friendship like the close group of friends in Tamayura Hitose and K-ON!!.

Admit it... you heard this at least a 100 times

Every anime has this theme. So the question is why? What influenced the scriptwriters and character designers to make the characters that way? You may have remembered me saying this before, but for those who forgotten. I will repeat. Japanese people have a very strong sense of unity and the way they make anime reflects onto this.

A girl willing to repeat the same days over and over for a friend? Yup, that's a good friend

For those who have watched a classic slice-of-life anime (K-ON!!) you will definitely see how close the girls are. They spend so much time together that you find it really difficult for people to imagine them separating willingly. If you have a group of friends like that, never let them go. That’s what I hope to do anyway.

Keep your enemies close but your friends closer... that's how I look at it

Since generally most anime characters are based on characteristics of Japanese (to prove my point, met a tsundere American before?), I am really excited to see if people in Japan are really like that. That could explain why there was not much chaos after the 3ple disaster. So now, I really want to go Japan and see what it is really like.

And go crazy with my camera, but of course

So what do you think? Is the theme of friendship made-up or are people there really like that? Until I go there, I will never know…. So until then, Moe pic and see you for Day 9.

What I want for Christmas... Look a few centimetres up... =)


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