On the Ninth Day of AniChristmas (Post about Otakus、おたくs)

On the 9th of AniChirstmas, InterestSoap gave to me, a blog post all about Otakus. Since almost every single person reading this knows or is an Otaku, but what exactly is an Otaku. So relying a lot on Wikipedia on this, I have found the official definition of it and my own opinions about it. (Both can be found on Wikipedia)

A kind of girl that does not exist out of Japan, a cute gamer

So, the official Wikipedia definition is… In modern Japanese slang, the term otaku is most often equivalent to “geek”.  However, it can relate to a fan of any particular theme, topic, hobby or any form of entertainment. However, thanks to the amazing-ness of modern technology, this word has left Japan and is used to describe an obsessive fan of Anime or Manga or just about anything else. (E.G. Train Otaku, Guitar Otaku…. Otaku in that case just means obsessed person)

Classic Otaku

Firstly, I think the meaning of the word has become a lot more diverse and no longer just sticks to that idea of people who are obsessed (interested) in anime. If you ask me, I will say that the meaning of this word is really, really diverse. But generally it means people who have an interest in Japan’s Culture, that’s the simplest definition I can give you, search Google and you will understand, there are truly a heck lot of definitions to this word. (80% are negative though) I can give you guys a detailed explanation but that will take the whole post.

A Shut-in's room (mine) notice similarities to pic on top

Now for the biggest difference between Otakus in Japan and out of it. Mainly the fact that being called Otaku in Japan is an insult and being called an Otaku in Japan can be both an insult and a compliment. So if you see Cyborg and I yelling “Otaku” at each other you cannot tell if we are insulting or complementing each other. Another main difference between the two is the Japanese Otaku are a lot… lot more extreme. No kid. Point taken?

One big question... Can Cyborg have that knife?

For me, I feel that Otaku just means interest in. Not obsessed. For those people who feel that all Otakus are crazy obsessive people, is it really wrong to enjoy animation? Although eroge and other stuff makes it questionable, we do not do anything wrong. Instead of spending money on expensive cloths we buy anime stuff, wrong? So don’t hate on the community for a few people. We are not obsessive, we are interested in anime. Like guys interested in Justin Bieber get his poster.

A semi-otaku's room (notice epic wall paper)

That said apparently in most people’s eyes I will be considered an Otaku, seeing my room and how much of a shut-in I am during holidays. But in a way I am proud of it that I can win most people in a quiz about K-ON, I might be considered a “geek” but I’m quite sure I can win most people in terms of fitness. Take that you over-weight haters.

Bad stereotype dude... bad stereotype

So, what do you think of an Otaku? Are you one? Just comment whatever you want to in the comments. If you’re not an Otaku yet, I welcome you to the family. Until then, the very Otaku way of saying good-bye, with MOE PICTURE! Day 10.

Christmas is coming to town.... though no presents for me =(



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  1. What was that bit about a knife???

    You and I are proof that Otakus don’t have low stamina :3

  2. Internet trolled me the past few days, so wasn’t able to go online…
    In terms of the view of otaku (the negative connotation that the Japanese consider it for anyways,) can be traced back to the otaku panic of 1989 (I read that somewhere, though can’t remember where…), where a lolicon kidnapped and murdered 4 young girls. Upon police investigation, they found tons of mangas and animes, leading the mass media to hype it as evil murder by an otaku (or some other negative thing).
    Originally, it was used by the producers (I think?) of the studio that made the original Macross series to refer to each other (as a 2nd person noun, since they both went to the same [relying a lot on my unreliable memory here,]), and was later adopted by fans to refer to each other. (do Google it for more info, my internet doesn’t seem to be so nice to me at the moment TT-TT)

    • i heard of the murder incident, hmm….. oh well as long as the current otakus dont freak people out…. oh wait… too late.

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