On the Tenth Day of AniChristmas (Blog Post about Moe)

On the 10th day of AniChristmas InterestSoap gave to me, a blog post about Moe. At long last, it is finally time for me to do a post about Moe, my favorite topic, since the pictures I normally use suit the topic, be prepared for a spammage of Moe. てへぺろ

There are going to be a lot more on the way

Firstly, for you those of you who have no idea what Moe is, ‘moe’ means be attracted to a specific character or its specific partial element and to have a favor feeling toward it. ‘Moe’ suggests the condition of being infatuated with one character or thing and implies an image of someone burning with desire. It can also mean a form of attraction for those kind of characters.

Just found it, cute eh?

Now for my rant about it. Seeing that I end every single one of my post with something moe, what makes me like it so much? For a start, I have a weakness for cuteness so it is not hard to figure out why I enjoy moe so much. In my opinion, cuteness is nice.

A dilemma, to kill or to hug?

If you ask me, moe comes in so many freaking forms. I normally use moe to describe a cute likeable character, so moe is really vague in describing characters, in the sense that characters that are considered moe can be completely different. For example, Kanade from Angel Beats and Azusa from K-ON!!.

A form of moe..... though I do not have the word to call it....

Another thing I noticed about moe is that it can really calm people down. Somehow their innocence just soothes your mind, body and soul. However, the definition for moe varies a lot from person to person. So again, the meaning for moe is really varied. Another example, some people love Lousie from Familiar of Zero, but honestly I find that she’s a brat. That said, moe is not just how a person looks, but how they act and what their attitude is like.


For moe characters to exist, you definitely need seiyuus. So far, in my opinion, the seiyuu I enjoy listening to as moe characters are: Hanazewa Kana, Taketatsu Ayana, Hikasa Youko and Toyosaki Aki. However, seeing that I have not seen many animes, there should be a lot more of this kind of seiyuu, if you know any, comment, I’m interested in hearing them.

mini vocloids.... cute..... hnnnng

Finally, I noticed that moe in real life does not really seem to leave Japan. Cause in my short life, I have never, not once, me a “moe” girl. Those that I have seen either act they are cute, are just plain bitchy or just simply not moe.  After seeing some live shows of different seiyuu, I know that moe exist, just not where I am from. (Forever Alone) However in Japan, apparently girls there do not like seeing guys who keep moe stuff in their room. (Really Going To Be Forever Alone)

So what do you think of moe? What is moe in your own opinion? Tell me about it I want to hear. Until then, see you at Christmas Eve.

A different kind of moe, but I like their singing. This is the singing duo ClariS! or an artist impression


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  1. Moe is what lights up the fire of passion in your heart!
    That said, moe is definitely a very subjective term, as it depends on the viewer (it is a work of art anyways, and life is art, if nothing else [however crappy life might be,])
    And yes, I died several times seeing those pictures, thankfully, my immortality prevented permanent death 😀

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