On the Eve of Chirstmas, Day 10 (Hikasa Youko Description with Ranting)

On Christmas Eve of AniChristmas, InterestSoap is going to give you another specific seiyuu post. Why? Cause I am a seiyuu nut. And because this seiyuu is currently my favorite. A clue? てへぺろ(tehepero) It’s Hikasa Youko! Woo Hoo! I did say that Aki’s one was not the only one.


Again let’s start with some basic info about her from her seiyuu data file, and all the pics I got were from here.

Name: Hikasa Yoko

Nickname: Hiyocchi

Birthday: 16th July

Starsign: Cancer

Bloodtype: O

Birthplace: Kanagawa

Agency: I’m Enterprise

If you can read Jap, have fun!

Here are some of the facts that I found out about her, through various ways and means. Heh…

Cute... cute.... cute...

Firstly, if you already have not known by now, she coined the term “tehepero” which roughly translate to giggling embarrassedly while sticking out your tongue. She became famous in the seiyuu world through this catchphrase and placed second in the junior and high school mobile phone slang words ranking. She appears in the video around the 1.20 mark. Notice how the announcer pronounces her name. Higasa Youko-san. OTL

This is from a seiyuu calendar.... which I want!

If you ask me to describe the way she acts, hyper. She is the result of what happens when people take in coffee mixed with condensed milk. Try that, you will not sleep that night. Seeing this video, you can see what I mean. Where does she get her energy from? Why do girls like this not exist where I come from? #Forever Alone.


Even though it is hard to tell, she is actually a shy person despite her behavior.  She gets really embarrassed whenever someone compliments her because of that; she is prone to getting bullied. If you do not believe me, go see the radio show Momonoki 5. Where she gets raped by her co-host. (figuratively)

Cute or Cool, She can do it!

Like most seiyuu, she is a gamer and is an avid fan of Monster Hunter to the point that Capcom actually got her to co-host the Monster Hunter Club Radio and she gets free gifts from Capcom. Again, another perfect girl in Japan… Why is Japan the only country with cute gamer girls?

Cancel that, Cute and Hot girls

That aside, the reason why I enjoy reading up /stalking her is that I respect her personality. It seems as if she can get friends so easily. (Something really hard for me) So in that sense I really admire her. Another thing I admire about her? Her freaking singing voice.

WARNING: Glasses Fetish Overloading

Have you ever heard her sing before? Check out the EDs for K-ON!!, her voice will blow your mind away. Somehow she sings with a really awesome accent that makes me want to ______ (feel in blank). I sound like a fan boy/Otaku/seiyuu nut. No surprises there.

Is this heaven?

And if you want to know more about/stalk her, there is an English translation of her blog here. If you fell in love with her, a Ro-Kyu-Bu photo book will be released soon if I am not wrong, so you can admire it. (I want to be the freaking cameraman!) Seiyuu are one of the things that makes this world so much happier. Cute people with cute personalities with cute voices (not all, most), the best combination.

What look is this? Cool? Hot? Both?

So that wrap up Chirstmas Eve. Christmas Day post will be up tomorrow night as I will be out. Yes I know, I actually leave my house? Anyway, what do you think of Hyocchi? Are you a fan or hers? Are you one now? Until the final post tomorrow, Moe pic!

If you do not know, that's an anime version of her


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  1. What do you mean by, “I did say that Aki’s one was not the only one”?

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