Merry Christmas! Final Day of AniChristmas (Post about Anime Enjoyment)


On the final day of AniChristmas, InterestSoap gave to me, a post about what makes anime feel that an anime is awesome. At last, we are at the end of our 12 days of AniChristmas. It was really fun thinking of new ideas and responding to your comments. (Something I have never done before)

Merry Christmas!


So today’s post might be quite long so hold on. By now you might be wondering what this post is about. Basically, I was thinking about it. How come some anime are just loved by people and hated by the exact same number? Let me give you a few examples of my favorite anime and I’ll explain. They are: K-ON!! (duh), Tamayura Hitose, Ro-Kyu-Bu! And Ben-To. I have a lot of favorite anime but adding them all in is not a wise idea.

What can I say? Cyborg influences people


Now, what do these anime have in common? Other than the first three are all moe filled, nothing whatsoever. So what makes a person like me enjoy these so different anime? In my opinion for a person to like an anime, it does not have to be a good anime. After quite a lot of thought, this is what I have come up with. For a person to like and enjoy an anime, he or she has to feel a connection to the anime.


I’m not making any sense?


Let me put it this way. The more similarities the anime has to you yourself or your dreams, the easier it is for you to like it. Seeing that that still does not make much sense, I will give you an example. K-ON!!, my favorite anime of all time, is about music and girls doing stuff together. 1. I am an extremely auditory person, so I love music. Hence there is a connection formed. 2. The four (later 5) main girls are a small close group of friends. I am a extremely socially awkward person so having a close group of friends is a hope of mine. Hence another connection.

For the record, I started liking Moe after K-ON!!


So with this form of connections formed, it is much easier for me to like and enjoy this anime, which I did. To prove this point, more exmaples.

Tamayura Hitose: interests of the main character. Smells, music, food and photography.


I have a smell fetish, auditory person, eats a lot and loves photography.

I know... having a smell fetish is weird... >.<

Ro-kyu-bu!: the show is about? Basketball.


For the whole of last year, I spent 2 hours after school playing…. Basketball.


You do not know how awkward it is to search for Ro-Kyu-Bu! pics, its the first step to be getting called a lolicon


Ben-To: the show is about? Food and fighting.

I love food and fighting to get food just makes me drool with excitement.



Food and Violence, the most epic combination


So for me, this is how I see a person enjoys an anime. As I said before, I believe that anime should never be judged on “how good it is” but how much you the viewer enjoyed it. So if you enjoyed an anime but other people do not, ignore it, people have different taste.

Pic to keep you entertained


So what do you think of my theory? Does it hold? And that ends the 12 days of AniChristmas, I sincerely hoped you enjoyed it and that you will continue to support InterestSoap in hopes that the members can one day be like Danny Choo and do what we love as a job. Since both Cyborg and LessThanFree are not free right now, allow me to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at InterestSoap. MOE PICTURE!


My Christmas present to you guys, Azunyan!


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  1. Yuletide greetings to you my friend, and congratulations on making it this far on the 12 days of anime 😀
    Yes, different people do have different taste. While someone might enjoy an anime, another might not enjoy the same. Or if it be the same anime, it may not be for the same reason.
    The key is in enjoying the anime and having people to talk to it about (which involves finding people with mutual anime interest, which [yes, someone might do a which hunt, but who cares?] isn’t so hard in this day and internet age). Me loves anime because anime haz nice ladies. That, and at times there are good stories that can be found (and I pretty much have some time to kill, sometimes)
    Now, off to playing DotA with some old buds before more chatting on Skype and going to sleep.

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