It’s Over, but it was enjoyable! (Boku wa Tomodachi Sukunai Ep 12 and Final Words)

Ok, sorry for the really late review. Christmas had me really busy and I could not make any time to get to do this review, so here it is. Finally. Boku wa Tomodachi Sukunai ep 12. Marking the end of a 12 episodes of craziness fun and stuff. *Sniff*

(insert classic cliché good-bye phrase)

To round off, nothing much happens as usual. (Big surprise) Kodaka and Yozora decide to maintain the status quo, not telling anyone about the whole Taka and Sora thing, and everything happens as usual. The only difference is now that Yozora has short hair. The club activities are as weird and random as usual so no worries there.

Rika, Rika, Rika, you and your Yaoi love

But my thoughts about the episode? I find it is exactly what I will expect out of Haganai. Touching, funny and random in its own way. The part where everyone reacted to Yozora’s new hairstyle made me both laugh and feel all touched. Yukiatsu’s reaction made me officially declare that Haganai is officially a harem anime. But the touching part, despite their differences, Sena is the only person who knew her instantly.

This part made me laugh me head off... Haganai is (mixed) Harem

So in a way, without them already noticing, the club already helped them make friends. One part that made me go a little déjàvu is the part where we see Yozora’s flashback. Reminded me a lot of a much smaller scale of Homura’s in Madoka.

The way she simply just does it warms the heart

Finally for my final thought about the show. I have to say I enjoyed it immensely. Seeing that I myself do not have many friends, it would be really “interesting” to have an after school activity that lets you bond with people. The characters are definitely interesting. (Rika and her fetish) The nice touch of fanservice is also okay, enough to make you excited and not showing you butt shots every second is good. So overall, 9/10 I really like it. Plus hearing HanaKana going loli with the “An-chan” is a plus point. Hur hur.

HANAKANA ❤ Ok, you can scream stalker now

LessThanFree told me that the ending was to simple, but I guess that’s what Haganai is all about, plus with such kind of light ending, the possibility of Haganai Season 2 is high, and when it does come out, I will be back to review it. If I don’t screw up my Os.                        てへぺろ (`ω<)

Kodaka says he seen it before, I faintly remember, if you do please comment and tell me!

That marks the end of the first season of episodic reviews. Next season I will try to do more, but if my studies fail, I might have to step down. Did you enjoy Haganai? Tell me about it! If you feel that I suck at a blogger, say it too but offer advice as well! So, see you for The Winter Season 2012! As usual comrades, MOE PICTURE MOAR!

If only I could reach in and pull her out.... *_*




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  1. i feel this series ended on a good note but should be able to pick up another season by thowing in a steamy love triangle to keep the watching intrest.

    • Personally i feel that romance should not be the focus for a show like haganai and more of the comedy as romance might take away the whole “making friends” thing

  2. I seriously hope more seasons get made, apparently from wikipedia, the 12eps are based on the first 3 volumes and start of the 4th of the light novels. So there’s more they can work with, they left a lot of things open if that’s it, so please FUNimation (If you somehow read this) make more episodes. P.S. You just got to love the Monster Hunter and PS3 parody, made me laugh 🙂

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