The New Year is Here! (End-of-Year Message)

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone. I know this post is not really about anything, but I guess you can say it is to wrap up this awesome year. So I guess, I will write about my anime story, of how I got into anime, and maybe you can comment yours below. So let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Happy New Year!

Seeing that I live in Asia, there has been anime broadcasted here even though it was not Japan. The first few anime I ever watched were all dubs. D-gray man, Gundam Seed Destiny, Shakugan no Shana and a few episodes of One Piece. At first I had no idea that these were “anime”, I just knew those were nice cartoons with the opening song in a completely different language which I had no idea was.

Random Epic Picture to make the post look cool (Black and White Rock Shooter)

Then i came along Naruto, Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Fairy Tail. These were the first anime I bothered looking for on the internet. But after a while I got bored of it all and the whole fuss died down in about a month. Little did I know that the anime world was a whole lot bigger than these.

Vocaloids... cute...~

Then in September this year, slightly after my exams, I came across the first of the 12-ep kind of anime we are all so used to. I do not really remember how but I came across a anime called K-ON! and the idea interested me a lot, so I watched it. You will know the rest. From there, I realised Cyborg had the same interest and we began chatting. From there I watched Zero no Tsukaina and Puella Magi Madoka and I realized an anime either really suck or just blow your mind.

It blew my mind... I was brain damaged since then

From surfing that net, I realized K-ON! had a live event and it really caught my attention so I decided to download and watch it. After that show, I became a lot interested in seiyuu. Which led me to “research” on the seiyuu I find interesting and it was around then, I was officially an otaku.

The anime is coming !!!!

So I asked Cyborg if I could help out at his blog as a guest writer first and he agreed. So I did my first post ever. Rocking Cute Ball Game, and it was a complete disaster as I had no idea how things worked. Shortly from there was the start of the fall season, I was asked to choose an anime to do episodic reviews. And you should probably know the rest. Christmas came and came the spammage of posts.


About a month ago, another friend of ours who was dragged into the anime world by me, LessThanFree joined us and from then on the blog grew. The number of views we used to get was kind of pathetic but now, it has doubled and so did the number of blog followers. So for those people who started tuning in during the Christmas period, thank you very much and those who have been there at the very start, thank you very much too.

Smile, the new year is coming!

Next year is going to be a busy year but I will do my best to keep up with the posts while keeping up with my studies I’ll be having my first trip to Japan at the end of next year so I will be excited to tell you all about it. So cheers to the new year and the start of Winter Season 2012! To say good-bye to the new year and to welcome the coming one… MOE PICTURE which I have been saving for.

みんなあけましておめでとうございますHappy New Year Everyone!


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  1. This → I’ll be having my first trip to Japan at the end of next year ← This
    In regards to when I first got into anime (as in first watched it,) it’s somewhere around 13 years ago. My first ever experience in watching animes were those dubbed episodes of Doraemon and Dragon Ball (which, by the way were the only ones that aired on TV back then). After watching them, I started buying the Doraemon manga (my uncle had the Dragon Ball manga, so it was redundant to get it again). Then, as time passes, Detective Conan was aired, and I fell in love with the story ([as a sucker for those brainy types like Conan and Lelouch to name a few,] and yet again, started collecting the manga).
    Fast forward a few years later, we subscribed to a cable provider and there, at that point in time, AXN (seems like a blatant ad, but they introduced more anime to me, so credits :D) revealed more anime (and this time with subs an original audio) such as RAVE Master, Ranma 1/2, among others (that habit of buying manga couldn’t be executed since they weren’t sold in my country, and I have no internet home to know how to get them either back then).
    Jumping further in time to when I was in high school, I met a fellow otaku who introduced to me that, there are animes out there that are less than 100 episodes like DearS and Girls Bravo among others (since if you notice, the first few animes that I watched are those that are really long). He also introduced me to fansubs (which, most of the time have better subs than the TV subs [TV has a general audience, so understandable stance on their subs]) and, wouldn’t you know it, eroge (not gonna go into detail on that, if you know what I mean). After high school, in matriculation, I met even more otakus who had more knowledge and was way more qualified to be called an otaku than me (I respect otakus only less than my mum, who I respect only less than my imaginary friend, God).
    Today, I read the manga of those long anime (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Detective Conan) because the anime is too hard to catch up to (I do buy the movie DVD when available), download fansubs of recommended anime (mostly when the anime finish airing, since I marathon [or in other words animetherapy] them), read blogs (like this,), and get my resources online from friends on Twitter and Google+ (though I still don’t have internet at home).
    That about sums up how I got into anime and up to the current date 😀

    • lol, a really rich history you have there. thats kind of awesome!!! i like how you marathon animes.. heh thats what i love to do if exams and school were non-existant

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