Tis be the last post!!!! of the year; that is

Today's pictures are brought to you by Swordsouls's artwork. Which looks amazing. Also, Inori~

So the year ends today In about 9 hours, 2012 will dawn upon us and bring another year of great stuff and sad bits. Just like any year eh? Next year, all 3 of us here turn 16 and are forced to take the dreaded “O” level paper that unfairly judges the path of our life forever.

So this post is to pretty much sum up the year till now. It’s been a great year for me. I went from spiraling depression to finding many things that bring me joy. From Metal to Anime  and Warhammer 40k figurines. I changed quite a bit over the course of the year. I highlighted this stuff in another post.

I also met plenty of wonderful people, mostly through the means of Twitter and Skype. And even met some of them people in real life at AFA. Not a bad year for my social life although my friends in real life think otherwise when I’m stuck in front of my computer for many hours.

So I decided to do a lil list of stuff I really liked this year. I have not idea how to quite label this but screw it, I feel like it.

Favourite Anime – Tamayura ~Hitotose~

For an unknown reason, it's hard to find a good Tamayura picture =/

This was a rather hard choice to make since I did watch quite a lot of wonderful anime this year. But I chose this anime for the fact it delivers the simplest of messages with incredible power. Tamayura simple message is to just enjoy life and just move forward in life despite all problems. That’s something I’ve been striving to do the whole year. Hence I found Tamayura rather inspirational and uplifting. I could never feel depressed after watching an episode.

Favourite manga – Girlfriends

I love this page

I think I’ve said this plenty of times. The very first manga I truly read is the one I still liked the best. And I already did a post on this 😛


Favourite Band – Hammerfall \m/

Just listen to this song.

Ear-gasm. Nuff said.

Favourite Space Marine unit – Librarian

Here’s some pics of him. I’m extremely found of him due to the amount of converting work that went into him. Not a whole lot by quite a lot of people but my first major convert. The backpack was then blinged out with the help of my best friend, JustinDent. In all, he’s the most stunning figurines in my army, a single defiant blue-armoured symbol of the Emperor’s Wrath amongst a sea of red-robed Angels of Death.

That is a very nice custom jump-pack

Favourite one-shot/doujin – I couldn’t make a decision

I read way too many doujins and one-shots to make a clear decision. So I’m going to write a post in the future on this subject. Of course, the post will be kinda NSFW but I’ll do my best to censor stuff XD

Favourite stupid thing to do in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Acting Dead

Behind my good friend, hiding in the map Outpost

Literally, all you do throughout an entire match is just go prone on the floor and hide. Then you pray like crazy no one finds you and rake your body with bullets. It sounds boring but when you actually do it, it’s incredibly exciting due to the prospect of the chance of being found. And your heart just goes berserk when someone does run ridiculously close to you.

Favourite Instrumental song – Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation theme song

Just sheer awesome. Imagine taking a piss whilst listening to this.

And that would be the end of this short list. I could of course blab more but I can’t think of anything.

I look forward to another great year. Hell, it might end like the Aztecs said but I’ll sure as hell go out with a bang at least. The worst part is that we’ll probably all die before we’ll get out “O” levels results back ;A;

I'll leave you with a picture of me, pretty much showing how I face everything in life


About Manfred Tham

Manfred can typically be found hiding from people behind his computer screen or a tall pint. However you can easily contact him in any given video game where he will either insult you or be really nice to you. In addition his nerdiness transcends the digital plane when he partakes in the arcane rituals of rolling dice in both table-top and board games. Disregarding the countless hours he has logged into games, Manfred loves nothing more than cooking food to satisfy his craving for Northern European cuisine or to sip away from the many bottles of whiskies he fondly defaults to. Manfred is also what is commonly known as a “metalhead” with a penchant for both symphonic and power metal. Manfred summarises his life philosophy with a quote by Samuel L.Jackson, but it has been redacted for being far too vulgar.

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  1. Why would you try and kill yourself with a machine gun?

    After uploading so many yuri pictures?

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