Hmm, I guess I will be second.

So since Cyborg proudly claimed the first post of the year, I will be happy with second. As I am the second writer of this blog. So, the first half of last year, 2.5 hours ago, was the time I started on anime. 6 months later, I am at the dawn of the year of ‘O’ levels yet I feel strangely satisfied.

3 guesses what my favourite anime is and who my favourite character is

This will be a ranty post, but I really wanted to share with you guys. You already know how I started on anime, but I never said how it changed me. Cyborg did one already, but I wanna do want. It’s MUAH turn.

This will be a ALL K-ON!! picture post

Before I was open to anime, I was the weird guy who had little friends and spent the whole day playing really bad games on my computer. Now, I am still the weird guy with more friends and spend time watching anime. A big difference seeing that anime can change a person.

For one, I now freak people out with my Otaku-ism

My first 12 episode anime, K-ON! left a really deep impression on me, I felt really touched by it that a group of close friends spending time together and having fun everyday. Even though Cyborg, LessThanFree and I are considered close friends, we do not “hang out” after school. If you count chatting on the bus with Cyborg hanging out that is.

Sigh,,,, I need a girlfriend LOL... but I need a nice one OTL

After the second school festival episode in K-ON! I was already sad, but when they said good-bye to Azu-nyan, it was the first time I teared/cried from a show. So if I count all of it, K-ON changed, it made me new friends (it was from K-ON that I first had a friendly conversation wtih Cyborg), learnt the meaning of getting touched (Tenshi Fureta Yo!) and complete overhaul in terms of music taste (phone full of J-pop).

Even seeing a group photo makes me go slightly sad

So, in that sense I really have to thank the world of anime and hope that one day I will be the one making or voicing anime for people to feel the same way I did. For that, K-ON! will always be my top anime (most likely) because, you can never forget your first love can you? Thank you for listening and may all of you have a great year ahead. Let us hope that the three of us survive ‘O’ Levels, 2012 and ‘O’ Levels to continue telling what our interest are. InterestSoap FOR LIVE!

And let's all hope this becomes reality.... you all know what I'm saying right?

SleepySlacker, (signature below)

I have a epic signature, I know


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