Fight For Ya Food! (Ben-To Season Review)

“Getting things easily does not give you that good feeling at the end”, a lesson I learnt from this anime.

Hello, people. For this post, it’s going to be a seasonal post. Means I will cram everything into one post. The anime I will be talking about? One of my favorites from the fall season 2011, Ben-To! I enjoyed this anime a lot so I would like to spread the word about it.

Violence and FOOD

The concept for Ben-To is definitely unique. A bunch of people, 狼 (wolves), fighting for the Bento which gets a 50% discount at the end of the day. The main character, Satou, learns from a extremely strong wolf, Yarizui, titled the Ice Witch, and learns the ropes of becoming a wolf and ultimately due to weird reasons, earns the title Hentai (Pervert).

A cute character voiced by Ayana Taketatsu! Both character and seiyuu are cute

As I said before, I enjoyed this show because of the involvement of food and fighting for it. That part already had me rather hooked. The themes of the show also made certain moments really awesome, though that one filler episode was pointless but the comedy they added in at the end was just hilarious.

Yes... it's that big

This show really knows how to make you want to be involved, at least for me that is. The last few episodes were just awesome. I was unconsciously rooting for the characters and yelling incoherently at the screen. Maybe I am a lot easily influenced by shows as compared to others but it could be that this show is that enjoyable to see. Especially when Satou was thinking of joining the dogs… that part was meaningful stuff.

It even has yuri themes thrown in

In terms of characters, it’s not hard for me to pick my favorite. Not it is not Shaga as most people would assume, but it’s Yarizui! I do not know about others, but kuu-dere is seriously cute. The quiet confidence they give off is just awesome and cute. The way that she behaves so clumsily plus the things she does sometimes are just… so… CUTE! Hmm… I guess I can add cute, quiet girls to my list of fetishes.


The Opening and Closings are nice, with the Opening suiting the whole “fight to get your food” theme. Plus the nice swap between them had a nice touch to it and could suggest a 2nd season, something I would watch and blog about.

Cute Cat.... Nya~

So to rate this anime, I will give it a 10, cause I enjoyed the hell out of it. The fights and all the other stuff, AWESOME. So, what do you think of Ben-To if you already watched it? Did you enjoy it as much as I did or was it not your cup of tea? Until then, Moe picture guys!

Picture yourself inside... =))


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