Hit Balls with Superpowers! (New Prince of Tennis First Impressions)

So, as all you anime watchers out there know, Winter season has begun, and my resolution was to try out as many as I can, which I am doing, though I might not continue watching some to the end. So let’s start with the first one I watched. The New Prince of Tennis.

Honestly I am not expecting much

To start, I would like to let you know that I have not watched the first season, except for a few episodes that were aired on TV and I am not planning to see the 178 episodes. If this season is this long… I will drop it… so time to get on with the first impressions.

For people who never watched Prince of Tennis, this show is extremely unrealistic

I am not a fan of tennis so I was a bit “meh” about it, but after reading up a little about it, a few things interested me. The main character is a leftie (Cyborg and I are too) and the show has superpower themes added in, which would be interesting to see. So that was more or less my motivation to watch the show. For the record, I find anime which have heavy sports theme a bit boring. -.-

Heh heh... lefties are awesome

First episode, nothing much happens. The main group goes for a training camp for some big competition, meets old rivals and we see our first matches. So, please, please do not be an anime which takes 4 episodes for a single episode. The cool abilities of the players seem interesting… but that’s the only pull factor for me.

The cool moves really do look cool... but never going to see that at Wimbledon (is that how you spell it?)

Now for the bad parts that I personally do not enjoy. THE MUSIC SUCKS. That is just obvious. The OP and ED of this anime do not suit the mood, do not sound nice and they nearly made me stop watching. Other than that, there is the fact that if you know that season 1 has 178 episodes, why you make the second season 7 years down the road… you will not get any new fans cause, NEW ANIME WATCHERS DO NOT KNOW WHO HALF THE CHARACTERS ARE! In that sense, only people who knew this anime 7 years ago will watch it and no-one else would like to see the entire first season.

The OP is equal to going around with no clothes, it drives people away

So that’s my thoughts on the first anime I watched this season. The chances of me continuing this anime are pretty low, so if you are a PoT fan, go watch it, if you are not, try it, if you don’t like it, watch something else. Simple. Until then, MOE PICTURE, PS: seeing the 3 writers are already slightly dead from school, our posts will get crazier.

Then again, nothing beats K-ON!


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  1. Didn’t watch much of Prince of Tennis before (watched a few episodes years ago. . . nah not for me).
    Based on this first impression, it’s still, “meh”. I might give it a shot if I get bored completely out of my mind though.

    P.S. Moe pics FTW!

  2. I told ya bro, Unless you are a screaming bishie fangirl, you probably ain’t gonna like it

  3. I personally enjoyed it heaps but that’s only because I have seen the first season. An important thing to note is that the main character is ambidextrous so he plays with both hands but being a leftie myself, it was very cool. And I’d have to agree that this show goes a little (read: heaps) over the edge with the special moves — they played with tsunamis and fiery tornadoes in the movie if I remember correctly — and that most of these moves are impossible to pull off. One more really intriguing thing about this show was how the characters, who look well in their late teens, are actually middle school 14 year olds. The main character is only like 12, too.

    Still, after all is said and done, I still love this show heaps for its lovely and impossible gibberish.

    • i see, i guess this show is really mean for people who watched the first season, i might keep going on with it to see how it goes. but one thing for sure… even if i want to, it is going to take me a long time to finish season 1

  4. I’m a PoT fan. I love it!!! But I’m not into the super power crap, it’s embarrassing to watch. And their ages don’t even look like their age. If you read the manga some of them got full on beards. Hell, I won’t be surprised if any of them were held back in high school.

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