Armoured Girls Killing Blobs With Singing (Senki Zesshou Symphogear Impressions and 1st ep)

So, as each day passes by, we get to see a new anime airing for the first time. So this time, it is Senhime Zesshou Symphogear. And unlike the New Prince of Tennis, I fell in love with this one. Music with swords and fighting. That is an awesome combination.

Woah... death scene 10 seconds into the show!

The first episode kind of reminded me quite a few anime. THE IDOLM@STER because there is music and dancing, Madoka because you know that 2 characters are dead or going to die by the first episode and slightly a bit of Infinite Stratos from girls in armor suits. So, in other words, I liked it.

Ooo.... she looks cool.... just hope she does not end up like Mami

The episode is not at all chronological. In other words, it has no direct timeline. At the start we see Miku crying over Hibiki’s grave, then you see Hibiki attending a Twei Wing concert, nearly dying and we see Kanade really dying.

God! At least they waited a few episodes to kill Mami!

Then we are somewhere in between the two different scenarios where Tsubasa is being the solo (wo)man and Miku and Hibiki are in the same music school as her. At the end, we see Hibiki transforming, raging and having Kanade’s armor. If you have no idea who the characters are just go to MyAnimeList and see.

Nope, no yuri themes whatsever

So basically this episode is kind of awesome. The action scenes are cool to watch, the characters are more or less likeable. I do not know much about Miku yet, but I guess she is the straight guy who makes cynic remarks to Hibiki. Hibiki is obviously the blur girl who wants to do something and is given the chance to. Kanade is the hot-headed one and Tsubasa is the calm one who becomes a lone wolf after her partner dies. So, none of these are “brand new” characters, but they are interesting enough.

So far she's my fav character, I like those cool girls... heh

The music is definitely good, the insert songs are nice enough and they catch your attention and suit the show. The concept of using music to defeat the enemy “Noise” is an interesting pun though the girls powering up through music is cheesy, I still like it. There is definitely a dark theme seeing you know that Hibiki is going to die and Kanade is dead (is she ever going to appear again?) I like the show so I guess I will continue to review it.

Somehow I feel happy from seeing this... God help her enemies

Have you watched this show yet? If you did, what do you think of it? Any shows that interest you this season? Until then, Moe Picture!

Mini Miku!


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  1. This show is awesome!!!

    It’s Madoka with mecha suits, flashier transformation scenes and better music XD

    And don’t you just love that they told you from the start the main character’s gonna die? Totally not depressing,

    • its just awesome when you know someone is going to die, now we need to see how they do it and see if that turns on the waterworks

  2. Curse this network for all the blockades that it has!
    Then again, I am on a uni network, so the blocks are understandable bandwidth saving strategy as well as to keep the students studying. (only alternative to this is wireless broadband, which has shitty coverage where I’m at right now)
    This show looks promising (in terms of looks, I haven’t seen the anime yet to actually give it a review), so I might give it a shot later on.

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