Superstition and Forbidden romance (Sayonara Folklore manga review)

Now that I've got your attention with this maid ^.^

The very first manga I completed this year was Sayonara Folklore. I had read chapter 2 previously almost 5 months ago and I was overjoyed that the translation team decided to release all of the remaining chapters and omake before they closed down (R.I.P Shi-Ki scans).

To summarize the plot (There’s not much to summarize since it’s only 5 chapters long), it’s about a girl who enters an all-female boarding school but intends to leave by utilizing a superstition of the school. It’s said that when 2 lovers committed suicide in the school, they left a curse on the school and whenever 2 girls make physical contact on a Monday, they would be striven by the curse of them. However, it’s not said in detail what the curse does though.

In terms of artwork, this probably isn’t one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s damn good though but not the best. And I don’t say this to put it down, but we all have our taste in art styles. Sayonara Folklore’s art agrees with me (really well too, it’s gorgeous) but I’ve seen other art styles that I absolutely love (Nanazaki Iku’s work is a great example).

Nanzaki Iku's Shizuru and Natsuki X3

Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku

It’s in the storyline that this manga shined. The plot really made me reverberated with me and the ideals I hold. The whole part about suicide because of not being socially accepted was very thought-provoking and left a chill in my spine. The general air of the story is one of intense drama even though the art does not portray it as such. It’s was incredibly surprising when it became very angsty after chapter 3 as I thought it would be rather upbeat instead. It’s similar to Honey Crush in this aspect (Honey Crush is another great manga btw, I wrote about it before ;D)

Why can't a girl say that to me?

For a short manga of just 5 chapters long, it was excellent as it managed to tell a compelling story and touching in that little chapters (Ebisu and Hotei-san comes to mind as it was also 5 chapters long). Although the ending was a little rushed in my opinion, it was not incredibly random or disagreeable.

In summary, I would say this manga was rather surprising in terms of the storyline. Also, I’m happy it ended well for both the main characters. It’s a deep story but not the extent that it’ll depress you as it’s not that heavy.

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  1. hmm…. why wont a female kouhai say that to you…. i wonder y….

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