The Tales of a Trickster (Nisemonogatari First Impression and Ep 1 Review)

At long last, the anime that I have been anticipating the most is finally here. The anime which has a first season that blew me away, the one most anticipated anime that I have been anticipating for the most is here. Yes that is bad English structure and the anime is Nisemonogatari.

Do not scream with excitement... YEEEAAAAHH!

Basically, Nisemonogatari (Nisem) is the sequel to the popular anime Bakemonogatari (Bake). If you have not watch Bakemonogatari, I strongly advise you to watch it first before starting on watching Bake first as the experience you will experience will be a lot more awesome if you know what happened before. My god, my grammar is grammatically bad.

My expression when I realised the first episode had aired and was subbed

In the first place, Bake, is about a vampire, Arararararagi (sorry my tongue slipped) who goes around helping a few girls with super -natural problems. What made the show enjoyable in my opinion is that I enjoy seeing the conversation they have and the unique artwork and colour style. Bake focuses more on the talking part than action and seeing that I talking more than action, it was interesting.

Presenting... the tsun-dere with no dere

Nisem starts off with you seeing Araragi tied to a bunch of desks and then Senjougohara enters, after a hell lot of teasing and mocking from her and we have a super nearly non-existant appearance of Kanbaru, but since I am not interested in her, I did not really bother.

And I mean super almost non-existent appearance

Then it is flashback time and we get an idea of what happened since we last met the characters, again we get another really short appearance of Hanekawa, the girl who does not know everything, just the things she does know. Again, I rather like the conversations she has with Araragi so a little bit sad, but the sadness soon fades as we finally get to see Tsukihi. I usually mix up their first and last name, so the names might be different depending on my mood. But I will try to keep the names constant.

"I do not know everything, just the things I know" If you got that, gimme a cyber bro-fist

So this is the first time we get to see what is Tsukihi really like. And I must say. She is really interesting, you would expect her to be the quiet sister who does not say much but surprisingly, she talks a lot, and wow, she can have a rage. Maybe it is that time of the month? But so far, I like her voice, I like the way she acts, it is rather moe, and I cannot wait to see more of her. The other sister, Karen makes a really short appearance too but again I want to see more of her.

If you think innocently, she is yelling in anger. If you think pervertedly, she is....

We get a slightly and I mean slightly longer screen of Sengoku. This show really know how to troll you, just when think you can get to see even more of Sengoku, Araragi has to get side-tracked. But before that, you have to admit Sengoku is cute. Overall, she is my favourite character. A) She is cute, B) She is voiced by HanaKana.

Oh crap... now I have to clean my keyboard and my table

Back to the story, on the way to Sengoku’s place he meets Hachikuchi. Then, he rapes her and they have a long talk which I will not go into great detail since you need to watch the show to get it. The talk has a really deep meaning, that’s all you need to do. Since Hachikuchi is considered a moe loli, I like her. We did not get to see much of her in Bake, now, we get to see more of her and her antics just brought a smile to my face. Oh yeah, Shinobu did not appear yet, so that will also be something to look out for.

This is a ... first... I feel afraid.... BUT I STILL WANNA HUG!

The music so far cannot be judged. The new OP, sung by Saito Chiwa (Senjouguhara Seiyuu) is nice and reminds me of staple staple. Which gives me hope that all the main girls will get to sing an Opening. Because Renai Ciruculation was awesome… I want to hear more of HanaKana’s voice! The much awaited Ending theme by ClariS is still not out, so praying I will see it next episode. But so far the music is great! The many Openings make it more interesting and the awesome Ending theme that I will hear soon enough.

Does this not remind you of staple staple? BTW, I really want to hear the ED... STOP TROLLING ME!

What are my thoughts for the first episode? It is definitely what I expected and I enjoyed every second of it. The way they delayed the appearance of the favourite characters was a nice touch. The jokes are as good as ever and Araragi’s fringe moving is just funny to look at. However, you will not get some jokes if you do not watch the first season. So WATCH IT. If Bake smashed the fourth wall with talk about Senjouguhara’s seiyuu, Nisem blows up the rubble with talk about the Ending Theme dance. Every ridiculously high expectation I set for this anime was reached, so I am satisfied.

Why did Araragi not go over at that moment???

This has been my longest post yet, so please let me know, do you prefer me to write more or less? Do you want me to summarise the episode? Let me know! Anyway, I know I am biased towards this show, but it is awesome and I enjoyed it. So give it a go if you have not. If you already have, what are your thoughts? Did you like Bake? Does Nisem look to be something awesome? Will I ever get a girlfriend? So many questions! Until then, Moe picture!

Any guess who is my favourite?


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  1. I felt like I just watched a Monogatari in words. (How does that statement even compute?)
    As a fan of the first season (to the audience looking into our world, I’m sort of the character that breaks the fourth wall [?]), I’m definitely going to catch this, after it finishes airing. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll painstakingly wait for it, because I’m just the kind of guy who can’t stand waiting too long for the next episode, but laments it once it finishes.

    Long or short, it’s up to you, and your inspiration, and what you’re message is~

    This comment was brought to you by the fictional thoughts of this nonexistent being.

    • Thanks for the comment. You should watch it as it airs… then the wait will make it seem epic lol thats what i think…
      i have decided on the new format! seems like its better for me to do little to no talk on the summary…. then more on the opinions and topics that can be discussed

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