The Dreams of Every Lolicon (Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai First Impressions)

Listen to me girls, I’m your father! That is a name that immediately sets of loli alarms. This is another anime on my list for a simple reason. There are cute girls and there are cute girls. Surprisingly, this show is a lot deeper than that.


Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai (PapaKiki) is a show about a 19-year old who has to take care of his three nieces after their mother (his sister) and father went missing. A 19-year old living together with a 2-year old, 10-year old and a 14-year old. That is totally not awkward. There can be nothing morally wrong with that. The fact that the eldest girl has a crush on him will not lead to anything bad.

A guy is lucky if a girl looks at a picture of him like this

The idea of the show is kind of new to me, but it gives me the idea of a mini-harem and lolis mix together. Come on, the oldest girl is still 14, in Japanese terms that is still a loli. AND A 2-YEAR OLD! My guess the comedy from this show is going to be about. Severe awkwardness. The kind where you walk into the toilot when the girl is changing.

A 19-year old walking in on a 14-year old.... is that awkward or perverted?

Plus it will get even worse when his university friends find out about it. How do I make such guesses? Cause I am one of the most socially awkward person ever.


The main character, Yuuta, is your classic “nice guy” that you see so often in animes. So there is really not much things about him that I can say. I guess you can say that he has a fetish for girls with big “personalities”, by that I mean assets etc…. decide on the sexual innuendo yourself.

All the girls that I bother about... heh I did not really care about that uni girl xP

But for the girls, that is a nother story. Strangely, the girls resemble girls from other animes. Sora has a freaky resemblance to Haruhi from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, Hina looks like a kid version of Hibiki from THE IDOLM@STER and Miu is the classic loli blond girl with twin tails that you see really often. (Mahou from RO-KYU-BU)

This is the part where lolicons scream...

But seeing we have not seen enough of the girls, I cannot really compare them with their “seniors”. Sadly, like many moe characters nowadays, you can sum them up with one word. Though I hope as the show progresses down its long 26 episodes I will eat my words.

Quite sure she will be the one sparking off all the awkwardness intentionally

But for now, it can be said easily. Hina is pure cuteness and loli-ness. Miu is your classic hyperactive girl who demands attention. Sora… ah Sora. She is the classic extremely shy girl who has the assets. Plus she has a thing for older men. So far it is too early to say who is my favourite, but I guess I will know when I start downloading exceeding lot of pictures of that one girl. Though all 3 is allowed.

I'm serious, there was no other better picture!


So far we have not heard the opening yet, but the ending theme has a light poppy feel to it so I like it, plus it was sung by the seiyuu themselves and I must say they did a good job on it. The main chorus will get stuck in your head. You have been warned. “Happy Happy Girl! Happy Happy Girl!” the tune feels good to dance randomly in your room to… Not that I tried. (Liar)

It is fun to dance to the song... TRY IT!


So far the only seiyuu I recognise is Kitamura Eri and she is the most experienced one out of the 3 girls. Hina’s seiyuu, Hiromi Igarashi is still generally a new seiyuu. Sora’s seiyuu, Sumire Uesaka makes a debut in this anime, I must say she is kind of lucky to get a good anime to start off her career and she has shown to be doing a great job. So far overall the voice acting is great and I have no complains whatsoever.

Running out of picture caption ideas... >.<

So far I think this anime has the potential of being well done. We already know the parents are going to go missing and seeing the first episode was already great without that happening, it shows the amount of potential this show has. I did not even start on the whole girls from different mothers thing. That should be emphasized later and I will cover that in due time. Another thing I like is that although it is a moe show, the fanservice is well played. Not too much to turn me away.


In the direction it is heading, I have a sinking feeling that the show is going to have an ending that makes you cry. Seeing how easily a show can do that to me, it is highly possible I will have a extremely emotional last post.

So that wraps up this great moe show of the this season. I have not seen any other shows that tops the moe-ness so until then this show will remain reigning moe! Maybe Nisem might win, but for today, PapaKiki reigns supreme. Moe pictuuaar.

What happens when you cross 2 moe animes....


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