Magical Gundams! (Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 2 Review)

The first week of anime is over and now since it is the second week, the second episodes come out. (Duh) So once again, it is Symphogear’s second episode, not really once again since this is the first time. I’m not making any sense again, moving on.

Finally we get a title picture!

So since we last left off, Hibiki was lookng scary and now I turns out that she looks really cute! I have to say her suit looks a lot better than Kanade’s and Tsubasa’s. Even though you later will find out that Hibiki inherited Kanade’s fragment of the Third Relic from the fight before Tsubasa died. And by inherited, I mean it pierced to her chest and nearly killed her. Remember that? Back to her armour, I have to say the cute look is a really refreshing change, it just suits her more. What is not a refreshing change is the logic behind the singing. It makes it really cheesy when you sing to power up, the singing parts kind of made me go “Wah?”

Not bad eh? I pieced it together from screen shots and put it together using PAINT!

After hearing several discussions on twitter, I found out a rather interesting phrase to describe Symphogear. It is like “Gundam Magical Girls”. That kind of aptly suits the show. The fighting with mecha, add in transformation scenes and girls fighting while looking cute. Yup, that suits the show a lot. Again, I have to say Hibiki’s armour is just more awesome looking. Tsubasa armour gives me the idea that it is a bit weird, with the weird leg blades. Other than that, nothing much. Her big-ass sword is awesome.

What can I say? She likes to hold and swing around big things.

We get to see more of the Mobile Disaster Response Corp 2nd Division this episode, with a rather interesting journey to reach there and a even more interesting greeting. Both the guy in charge and the genius are jokers of the show, so we should be seeing the most humour from them. So if they do get serious, you know the show means business.

Welcome, you are not going to be conscripted!

The yuri themes in this show are as strong as ever with a bed scene between Miku and Hibiki, with a little skinship and cuddling. Another thing is, when we have the “who I want to protect” monologue, instead of the usual protecting your friends and family, it just shows one person, guess who?

Snuggle snuggle.... Pero pero (Lick Lick)

Animation-wise, I have to say it’s a bit scratchy, especially this part. But the story and characters kind of cover it up, so no harm done. Music-wise, lets just say I have heard the godly voice of Mizuki-sama and I bow to her. The opening just blew me away. Her voice is awesome! Yuuki-san does a not bad job at singing and it will be interesting to hear them sing again, seeing they sing during every fight, that’s going to happen again really soon.

Opening is awesome.... nuff said.... Awesome

The final note is about Tsubasa. I honestly preferred her when she was partner with Kanade, when she was the quiet shy girl. Right now she is more or less behaving like an ass. (In my opinion only) I guess it is not really her fault, but she must be extremely close to Kanade for her to change that much. I hope somehow, she will get along with Hibiki and get her old self back. Though I highly doubt it. Seeing the show ended like that.

No, no. You see where she comes from, pointing a sword straight at your throat with a crazed smile is a sign of friendship

I planned to leave this part to the next episode, but knowing I would forget, I’ll do it now. You know that Tsubasa uses the 1st relic, Kanade/Hibiki the 3rd. In between is? The 2nd. So, seeing the opening, there is this purple haired girl, so she should be a additional character. I got this from a comment from a bigger blog, so thank you random dude on the internet! My bet is she is the “failed experiment” looking for revenge. That is how there’s a 1 and 3, but 2 is MIA.

But I somewhat expect a super big twist

Not bad, my expectations for this show were smashed and I now really want to see the next episode. It is kind of funny, I did not enjoy this episode the first time I watched it, but once I watched it again, I realised that I missed out a few parts, which caused my mind to be effed. I have a lot more to talk about this show, but I will leave it to the next episode. So, as usual, we part we a moe picture!

Heart Orgasm!!!


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