My Fox Spirit and Me (InuxBokuSS First Impressions)

This is the final anime I plan to watch every week this season. InuxBoku SS. Which literally translate to Me with My Dog Secret Service. I am not kidding. But turns out, neither is this anime when it comes to awesomeness.

They did not have a title screen, so I'm going with this


So far from what I can tell, it is a show about this girl who wants to be independent and goes to live in a mansion. In the mansion, you have a Secret Service agent who will serve you. Hence the SS in the name. So the girl, Ririchiyo, has a SS agent assigned to her (Not that she wants it). Soushi (the secret agent) protects her, serves her meals etc.

Hi, I will be something close to your slave from now on

Sounds boring right? There is a twist. Did I mention that every SS agent in the building is a supernatural being of some sort? So far that is the biggest twist for me. I did not really read the summary of it so it came as a surprise.

Inuyasha fans may start raging now...


There are quite a number of characters in this show, so for now I will focus on the main 2. Soushi and Ririchiyo. To sum out Ririchiyo, basically, she is an extremely enormous tsundere. But there is a twist. She knows and accepts that she is like that and wants to change it. The origins of her being that way was from when she was young and she genuinely a nice person inside. Unlike a certain pink haired tsundere from a certain Zero no Tsuiskaina.

This is the true tsundere!

What have we learnt in every single show with a tsundere? There has to be a guy to go along. Hence Soushi. But what I find unique about this show is that he is not your usual tsundere partner guy. He is completely different to the rest I have seen. He gives his everything to Ririchiyo, accepts every tsun thing she does and for the first time in my life, I have seen a tsundere losing an argument. That is freaking amazing. So morale of the story is, to win a tsun, just completely give in and she will not expect it. By the way if you did not know, he is a fox spirit (CAPTAIN OBVIOUS STRIKES AGAIN)

This is called devotion to a whole new level, THAT'S HER FOOT!

That is if you can swallow your pride enough.


This show has a big star cast. With Toyosaki Aki, Hanazewa Kana and Hikasa Youko, all whom are my favourites. But one seiyuu caught my eye. Hidaka Rina, voice of Ririchiyo. So far I have not seen many of her anime she voiced in except for Ro-Kyu-Bu, and the voice she used completely shocked me. I did not see it coming from a mile away. Seeing she did a gentle girl for RKB, the whole tsun thing shocked me.

Guys, if you can do this, there is no girl you cannot charm

Another interesting note… HanaKana can actually sound scary along with moe…. *mind scared* I need to go for therapy now.

I do not know what to say, so I'll scream... AHHHH!

So far, I have to say this anime is really unique. I’m really interested to see what the connection between Shoushi and Ririchiyo and how she supposedly saved her. So far I find this show not bad and rather interesting so it would be nice to see how they continue to pull this of. The fact that they went with a whole new direction with the tsundere is fantastic, I was getting bored of the old kind.

So, what did you think of this anime? So far I found that it is a really interesting show and I will continue to blog about it. The moe-ness is there and so is a really deep theme, so, anime, amaze me! With a moe picture!

Ahh.... I want to be there... dives into screen


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