Single Sex Schools Mess Your Mind Up! (Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou First Impressions)

Seeing that I rant too randomly most of the time, I am going to get straight to the point. This post is about Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou or The Daily Lives of High School Boys a comedy show starring 3 boys. (So no cute girls or anything) That’s just sad. By the way, I’m trying a new blogging style so tell me what you think.


Story-wise, it is a classic slice-of-life, so I cannot really say much about it. But jokes-wise, this show is on a high level of epicness. This show made me do something I have not done for a while. Laugh my head off and freaking out everyone in the house.

Being late for work, like a boss

The comedy of this show is really well done. I’m not sure it only works from a guys point of view, so if we have any female readers who watch the show (doubt it), please tell me if it only works for guys. The jokes sort of just jump out in front of you. Your mind will not be able to react in time to the insanity. I mean it.

Hear that? That's the sound of minds breaking

Point taken?


All the main characters in this show suck. 1) They are not moe. Ok, find, the characters are actually not bad for guys. With my moe fetish out of the way, the characters as usual in a slice-of-life have a critical role to play in the show. We have the classic brainiac, the “cool” looking guy and the main character that gets always gets the short end of the stick. But the baseline is, all of them are crazy, just like any normal boys with raging hormones.

Imagine this in a high gay voice

You might not expect much from these 3, but if you already watched the show, which is why you are reading this, you will get how each character plays that crucial role in making the show awesome. But since they are guys… *slaps alter-ego*

See, even the characters are disgusted from the lack of moe


Music wise, the Opening is not bad, though it kinds of misleads you into thinking what kind of show. From watching it you expect a more serious show, but turns out anime this season just love to troll you. (Cough… NISEM… COUGH)

Classic beach turn around look at friends scene, this has to be serious right?

The exact same thing happens for the Ending theme, but they do add in a last few jokes in for you to remember the craziness.

Notice this goes on with emotional music in the background

Honestly, I did not want to watch this anime at all due to the lack of moe, but it turned out to be a big surprise. The show just hooks you in. Surprisingly though, I did not really feel surprised about the crazy stuff they did except for one. Look at picture on top.

Seeing that I too am from a boy’s school, this kind of things really do happen. The jokes, awkward moments when you actually make contact with girls and the weird things we would do. I guess it is really the daily lives of high school boys. Cause when guys hang out with guys, we do a hell lot of idiotic stuff and it mostly never ends well. But in the end, it is a great slice-of-life, it was nice to see Hikasa Youko getting a role in and it will make you laugh your head off (I already said that)

Surprise, guys do think a lot when talking to girls

So what do you think of the new blogging style. I decided to almost completely cut out the summaries and focus more on my thoughts. But seeing this is a new anime and the first episode, I have to cut down on my ranting and at least explain the technical part, which I suck at. Do you like this new style? Or you want to hear me give long lectures of the anime proceedings. Anyway, see you for the next episode and as always, Moe picture to let you feel good and wash the stress away.

Glasses.... as I said before... they look nice only on 2D girls



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  1. I can safely reassure you that the comedy in this show isn’t limited only to male audiences. I think this a good change from all the moe high school girls and their fluff, and the ecchi anime that we’ve been having lately. After all, what could be more entertaining than hormonal teenage boys and their desperate appeals with the opposite gender? Not to mention, their way of thinking is just to hilarious to ignore.

    • the real funny thing i like about this show is that it happens in real life in front of me everyday…. God you have to love single sex schools. Nice to know that girls enjoy this show too, lol, the way they think is the know they are doing stupid things, but they do it nonetheless

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