On being a hipster and why I don’t watch “generic” animes

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One of the most profusely annoying things that some people ask me when they somehow find out I like anime is “Hey, do you watch *insert generic anime* “. And my reply is as follows:

Which then results the fanboy/girl in them to launch into a fan-gasmic rage against me. To put forward my stand on this matter: I will never for any reason; voluntarily watch one episode of such an anime (because I have watched a few when I was younger or when someone else switches to that channel on the telly).

So now, this is a post explaining why I DON’T watch these “generic” animes per se if I will use the colloquial term for them.

Animes that fall under the term of “generic” would be stuff like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and god knows how many others (katekyo hitman reborn, Full Metal Alchemist blah blah blah). They are the first shows that come to mind most of the time when the word “anime” is mentioned due to their popularity. I think the newest “generic” anime is Fairy Tail. I am pretty damn sure that plenty of anibloggers out there have written such a similar post as to why they don’t watch it. I can’t vouch for their reasons for not watching them but mine are not (solely) on the basis that I am hipster by nature (as so many of them fangirls/boys think it is)

All right, the first and most important reason as to why I don’t watch these “generic” animes per se, is simple because I am lazy as f**k.

I can’t even imagine or comprehend spending my time watching 300+ episodes of ANY anime. I would get bored to the edge of oblivion by the 40th episode. Of that, I can grantee. Even on a regular basis, I can’t bring myself to watch an anime more than 26 episodes long. And even at 26 episodes, I am so lazy to watch any of the specials and stuff. There are some exceptions like Clannad but that was because I loved it. The longest anime that I am even considering watching right now, is Princess Tutu. And that’s just because I heard it was great.

Second reason is a incredibly conceptual idea that even till today, I wonder why people don’t get. I am not f*****g 10 years old.

Now, before you readers get confused, let me explain. Most of these distinctively “generic” or “incredibly popular” anime are Shounen, yes? They are targeted at a male audience. The fact that most of their genres include Actions is another factor showing they are aimed at males in general. And not just males, but specifically young boys (I’m totally not sounding like a pedophile here).

Therefore, when I am watching it, I can’t resist the urge to spew the contents of my last meal onto the laptop/TV/what ever the hell I am using to watch it. It’s just that since I am older, the storyline is complete bullcrap to me. I can see what’s going to happen 15,20 episodes from now from just 1 episode but the little boys watching can’t. Because that’s how they are supposed to work. I mean, take DragonBall Z for example. They spent 5+ episodes CHARGING UP A F*****G SPIRIT BALL. 5 episodes? Really now?

The intention is to hold the meager attention span of this young kid by any way possible, in this case, by keeping him in total suspense since at his age, it is quite hard to comprehend what happens next. When you’re older, of course it’s bloody easy to deduce what happens next. It’s screaming at you but you have to consider that fact that most viewers of such animes ARE not in fact your age (I say most of course since there are older fans).

In a way, it’s a commercial plan. Get the 10 year old boy to be completely absorbed into the show by holding his attention for HUGE spans of time. This way, he’ll always want to watch the next episode when it is released. And when your 10, you tell your friends about everything you love. And also at 10, you’re willing to try anything your friends love simple because, you’re 10. Since the show is for young boys, most of the time, he would be engrossed in the show. This in turn get’s more viewers to watch your show. And I’m not willing to become a part of this vicious cycle. (well, it’s not that vicious but I’m do not intend to participate in it)

Problem companies?

So to sum it up, since I am older and my mind functions better than most kids, I do not find the appeal in watching 30 episodes to watch 2 guys try and kill each other. Just because I would already know who’s going to die on the first ep of that arc or I would already have guessed what happens. Henceforth, I won’t care to watch.

Butt Pillows ftw

All right, here’s a third reason. I don’t like the concept of the show.

What that means is that I don’t like the idea of a Shounen Action anime that runs for 500+ episodes. I mean Guilty Crown has 26 episodes. And I liked the concept. I don’t like the concept for Naruto. Or Bleach. Or One Piece. And that’s the main reason why I’m not watching them. They just don’t interest me. What other reason is there for NOT watching an anime? You just don’t want to.

Why should I watch an anime just because it’s a “generic” or “well-known” anime. “It’s because you like anime…”. That’s a bloody retarded reason my friend. I like anime. It doesn’t mean I’ll love it all. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences. I don’t have to watch something just because YOU liked it. It just means that you recommend it to me and I will mull over the decision whether or not I will watch it. And that’s that. There is absolutely no need to try and shove it down my f*****g throat because you loved it.

And that’s the end of this post!!! Just to make it clear, this is just a post about MY reasons on why I’m not watching these shows. Of course one of the reasons is that I’m hipster and hence watching a generic anime is distasteful but I mean, I DID watch Madoka right?. So being hipster is an incredibly minor, almost superficial reason why I don’t. Also, this post is also partially to vent my rage against such fans but not the main reason.


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  1. Good posts. Your reasons mirror my own except I am a woman. I will not lie and say I have never watched Bleach, Naruto, or One Piece. I liked Bleach when it first came out but when I realize it was never-ending and there were so many fillers, I dropped it after the second season. Naruto, I have never liked but dated a man who was FIVE years older who loved it and watched EVERY episode. One Piece, I have watched a few episodes. But like you, I simply cannot watch a show over 100 episodes because I get bored. Gintama is an exception to that rule. I have watched every single episode and am still watching it. I love that show and am surprised that it has kept my attention for so long. I get pissed wondering why people are staring at each other for 10 minutes and not doing anything. That is insane. I have been attacked by the rage of fanboys/fangirls because I scoff when they ask if I watch those shows. I think many mature anime fans have had to deal with that response.

    • Indeed we do have to deal with it.

      Well, I’m not sure if I will find a show interesting enough that changes with enough frequency to hold my attention.

      I’ve heard good things about Gintama of course. Not that I’ve started on it XD

      • I would recommend checking it out. It’s satirical. I don’t think the creators expected it to last as long as it has. If you don’t want to start from the beginning, watch the current season. That is what is so great about it, you’re not missing anything if you just start watching. Most episodes are standalone except they do have arcs at times which are usually good. But I won’t rage if you don’t watch it. :p

  2. And now we shall see whose posts gets more views…

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