Someone’s staring at you (Another anime First Impressions)

I think I got your attention

As some of you readers might know, one of the the shows I was definitely going to watch this season was Another. The prospect of a dark show with themes of horror and the supernatural done by P.A works seems like I would enjoy it.

No shit Sherlock

The show’s main premise in about a girl who died but who’s classmates pretended was still alive for the rest of their time in school. This results in her ghost being left behind to inhabit the school (not a confirmed fact yet but it seems to be the case here).

Fast forward a bit into the future and we got (main character) moving back to his hometown with his granny due to his dad’s work. And of course he ends up going to the school (and class) where our ghostly girl is in. But that only happens after his short stint in hospital due to a collapsed lung

Never a good idea

Surprise Ghost!!

My firmest thought of the show was that it’ll be a very dark and haunting show with plenty of emotional themes. Thus far, only the creepy bit has been shown.

The first episode was a little slow but it did set a good foundation for the rest of the plot. I’m hoping that this show will become a good one despite it’s short length (12 eps in total).

Are you not creeped out yet?

I have to say the art is pretty good and that I have high hopes for Another. One gripe I do have at the moment is that the transition between scenes is wry abrupt but I think it serves to increase it’s creepiness factor.

P.S – The dolls are very unsettling.

And now, a minor pic dump to ease the creepiness:

This is now one of my favourite Azusa pics :3

Admit it. You like it ;D

And that's all folks!!



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  1. You’re right about the dolls. Every time they flashed a scene with the dolls, I was creeped out. One had red tissue paper in her head to simulate the brain. Yikes!

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