Amagami SS Review (Ayatsuji Tsukasa Arc)


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Ayatsuji Tsukasa's first appearance in her arc.

I know it’s a little old seeing a anime such as this one,but I’d figured that I might as well have a review of one as some probably may have not heard about it.This show is quite unique as it’s one of the only romance animes that features arcs for several characters which gained much fame than other titles such as Yosuga No Sora,which had plenty of incest between the brother and the sister(Not a nice anime,in my opinion).

Certain shots of her are wonderful, and I decided on choosing this one.

Back to the story, here’s Ayatsuji Tsukasa. A model student? Yes. She has much interest in this Founder’s festival that commences every Christmas in the school, which explains why she’s the one in charge of the festival.For Junichi,a normal student in the school.Doesn’t like Christmas at all,since he has a bad memory of being stood up by his previous girlfriend a few years back(Pretty lame introduction for some, but the story makes up for that).

She smiles often,doesn't she?

I shouldn’t be elaborating much of the story,since It’ll be a spoiler for those who haven’t watched it yet though I’d have to say,the story’s pretty good,coming from an erotic adaptation from the Manga.Even better,the pure romance of this show makes up the erotic adaptation of the manga.The several arcs didn’t fail to impress one bit,not even Ayatsuji’s arc.I guessed the anime was that nice that it had a PS2 version of it before this was animated into a series.Personally,I consider Ayatsuji’s as the best,though Morishima Haruka’s arc wasn’t that far off in being one of my favourites.

Yandere Moments?

For those who do have a thing for Yanderes. Ayatsuji might be one of your favourites(though Gasai Yuno is probably far more superior in my opinion). Why? She has a split personality, especially when she finds out that she might be in trouble(take the diary that Junichi had picked up as one). I was quite caught off guard when I first watched it, but you may be suprised at how nice she is and how violent she can be.

Definitely an anime that I would recommend to the ones who love romance genres,no? Just for your information, the anime consists of 24+1 extra episode which includes an extra school girl’s arc crammed into 1 episode.Still, It’s worth watching for a single episode.As for the other arcs,including this one, consists of 4 episodes showing the course of their relationship.You might be sick looking at Junichi having a pass at these girls but its an anime which revolves around him,so you’ll unfortunately have to bear with that.

Signing Off With A Smile!

This is how I sign off : Smile!


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