Mirai Nikki,The Animation (As It Stands Now)

Pretty..Interesting Title

Since It was serialized as a manga I knew what was coming. Blood, mystery and romance. It wasn’t as gruel as the manga “Btoom!!”, but more or less on the same wavelength in terms of it’s violence. I’m sure “Another” was as scary as this, if not, even scarier. I guessed the anime would have a little fanservice as it’s the manga adaptation, which had borderline H scenes and the like ; definitely not one for those who are more to moe and peaceful backdrops. You have been warned.

Here's the original title shown in the OP

Plot: The anime series circulates around the lives of protagonists Amano Yukiteru and and heroine Gasai Yuno participating in a “survival game” in which the sole survivor of the “game” takes over the role of Deus Ex Machina, the God Of Space and Time(It was Deus who created this game) by killing 11 other diary holders who are given the same opportunity. The method of purging these other diary holders? One was to simply destroy the future diary of the holders, which is in the form of either a phone, scroll or recorder mainly representing the lives of the holder in every way possible. The other way was to just kill the diary holder himself. Sounds similar to a certain show, perhaps?

I humbly apologize for this pic for some.

Amano Yukiteru as the show's protagonist.

The show starts with the once antisocial turned enthusiast Amano Yukiteru ( Yukki for short), typing out diary entries on his phone which, as you would expect much from a loner. His Hikikomori personality and his distrust on other individuals ultimately led him to do so. Avoiding contact with others and communicating at a minimal rate is what he does in his daily life, until Gasai Yuno comes along.

Gasai Yuno. Maybe not the best way to introduce her...

Introducing Yandere/Psychopath Gasai Yuno, a Sakura-Haired schoolgirl who is madly(Literally) in love with Yukki. In the past Yukki had made somewhat of a promise in which marriage was mentioned somewhere between the lines. Since then, Yuno has been keeping her faith on making that promise actually true and because of that, she starts stalking Yukki, which eventually results in Yukki freaking out.


Deus Ex Machina

Well that’s mainly the background info that I’m giving.On to the course of the anime as of now.Currently the anime’s at it’s 14th episode of its planned 24 episode. So far 5 Diary holders, among those being a detective, a delusioned wannabe superhero, a young boy (you can call him a toddler, perhaps), a person with clairvoyance, and a dog breeder. I couldn’t remember much of the names but I’m certain that the number of diary holders left decreased so rapidly in the first 10 episodes that I had initially thought that the anime would be finishing earlier as planned.

Any masochist would love this.

There are moments like this, which doesn’t dampen the show too much, fortunately. As I said before, the anime has romance, a little comedy and other variety of genres which doesn’t make it too dull (*Cough* Naruto *Cough*). So far, Gasai Yuno has gone a little overboard with “protecting” Yukki by isolating him away from Yukki’s friends, who know that being near Yuno means that you’re likely going to die with her known to have killed her parents.

Yes, Episode 14 has all of this, plus the madness that is Yuno.

Plenty of this, plenty of madness. The anime’s pretty diversed, as I have said earlier, and it isn’t that bad at all.

Expect Madness

A little scoop of the 12 Diary Holders.

Skeletons Included.

Skulls of Gasai Yuno's Dead Parents

I wasn’t joking when I said she killed them.

And Of Course, There's the presence of Blood

Well that’s it on my Mid-Season review for now. Once You’ll get over the dementia, the Supernatural, and the horror, I’m sure this anime will be a “joy” to watch.

Here’s a little pic to help cool down the eeriness of the anime. ^.^

Loli's Loli's Loli's!



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  1. In your image titled “a little scoop on the 12 Diary holders” there are actually 13 figures. Watch it again. 😉

    • My bad. Well its the best that I could find in the anime so the number of characters in the pic must’ve slipped my mind a little. Thanks for pointing that out. 😉

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