Nichibros (Daily Lives of Highshool Boys Ep 2 Review)

Thanks to a rather interesting conversation I saw on twitter, I discovered an interesting nickname for this anime. So let’s move on to Nichibros episode 2 review! This post may or may not have been sponsored by these following sponsers.

That my friend, is the face when you know you got caught doing something stupid

As expected, jokes-wise this show is still as great as ever, with nearly every scene they have making me laugh. Not a bad way for me to destress in the middle of the week. Now, I can almost safely say this might be the top comedy this year (for now). The show cannot even not resist adding in jokes when announcing the sponsors!

This Caption is not brought to you by the following sponsors? Oh wait, it is?

I think what makes most of the jokes so funny is the pure insanity of most of them. From stealing your younger sister’s underwear to roleplaying a RPG. Try obviously know what they are doing is just downright stupid crazy and will get them into a shit ton of trouble. But they proudly do it nonetheless I have to say, that is exactly what guys in single sex school do! Cause that is what I do see people do on a daily basis. Single sex school messes you up pretty well.

Fatality! Admit it though, you have at least done this a hundred times when you see a cool stick

There are some trends that are going within the show, as there are “part 2” of the certain scenes we have seen before in episode 1 and will see again soon. I really started loving the scary story part at how Tadakuni mind-effs everyone so easily and everyone’s reaction to it is epic! I guess the burning desire to know something can drive man to do anything.

Tell me where to get Seiyuu Stuff!!!

Guess what? This show trolls the hell out of you. Turns out the ending theme was not the ending theme at all! The correct ending theme is crazy as expected with it showing the guys performing in some weird play. It is kind of hard to guess what the story is about but I think I can safely say that it is not so something normal.

Bear punching cross-dressing guy, yup, I think that is counted as "not normal"

They added a short scene at the end called the “Daily Live of a Lady” and the title says it all and yes it is a crazy as the original show itself. I guess this can be counted as the moe that I have been asking for as the lady is moe, though the insanity addded in is, well, insane.

Insane? Check. Freaked Out? Check.

So that brings us to the end to another episode of hilarity. It is hard to review a comedy so most of these post will be slightly shorter as I have to think of interesting things you readers might enjoy.

What girls do to look cute: Make-up, Plastic surgery, Photoshop and Convex Mirrors

Hope it is working! Quick news, PapaKiki review will be done this Friday and so will the other anime reviews I have been doing. Ok, bye! Moe picture!

Comment Please? Nya~?


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