This Show Turns People into Lolicons (Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Episode 2 review)

Remember back at the first post about PapaKiki, the part where I said that the characters only have on trait and that the show might make me feel really emotional near the end? Turns out I was dead wrong. As dead as those girls parents. (Missing more like, but I wanted to be punny!)

Touching family photo to get started

No need for me to talk about the storyline, I will summarise it really quick. After some drama, Yuuta agrees to take care of the girls for a week while the girl’s parents go overseas for their long overdue honeymoon (which itself is a touching part already).

She did a good job, he did go to college, so take a nice break!

Now that that is out of the way, let us move on to what I feel is the most important. The characters, so for now, let us start with the youngest. Sadly, being a 3-year old, Hina still does not have much character development so far and really is the loli of the show for now. With a loli comes a loli voice so I have to say that her seiyuu Hiromi Igarashi is awesome. I have no idea what they have planned for her, but she is kind of a moeblob. But then again, aren’t all (well-behaved) 3-year olds moeblobs?

*snuggle snuggle* Do you not just want to snuggle?

So if we continue to go on with age, it will be Miu. Her added traits shocked me really hard. I mean, I really expected her to be the some sort of trouble maker and stuff but I was off by a couple of kilometers! She is the responsible and studious girl of the family, being the ones to prepare meals and behaves and talks really maturely for a 10-year old. For her works takes priority over other things! She seems to be the smart one too, being able to read Yuuta’s mind. She is going to be a eye-catcher when she’s older and a smart one at that. But like all kids are like, she is playful, in a really really cute way.

When a girl has that look, it means her woman's intuition has activated.

Then finally… Sora. The eldest girl who already wow-ed us with her figure through fanservice. Just saying, I enjoyed her so far and we finally get to see what she really like this episode. A TSUNDERE! And a not bad one at that. Not annoyingly tsun but a really nice balance. She is sort of the most “realistic” tsundere I have heard of. I have to say she is the kind of tsundere I might and have encountered. They do not go overboard with the tsun and the dere might be hard to spot for an outsider, but if you look from a corner, you will realise it is true.


So far, the score for the girls are Hina: 10 (for cute), Miu: 10 (for cute responsibility) and Sora 10 (for being moe-ly tsundere). Hmm, so we still have no winner. *sigh*

then dere~

Do you think I’m done with this post? Nope, there are plenty I want to talk about and would love for you to read on and comment what you think. So next up is the closeness between Yuuta and Yuri and how that is so similar to the relationship with the 3 moe girls. I was surprised at how close those two are. That bath scene… that is one lucky kid. The way she said she was willing to take care of him and take part-time jobs made me go… Respect! *salute*

I cant use that picture, so make do with this

Now time to talk about the 3 cuties. You may not think it is much, but their will to stick together kind of made me feel touched. Although I do not get along very well with my older brothers (two of them, I’m the youngest), somehow we all have this unsaid agreement that no matter what siblings will stick up for each other. You might think your relationship with your siblings suck, but when the time comes you will find out. The way I did. ^.^

I got a hang of image combination at last, I love doing it =D

As both you and I watch this anime, we have the view of the “spectator” and we see what the characters cannot. We all knew that their parents are going to go missing/die and the way that information teases us is just painful. When the girls chat about how much fun their parents should be having when they are going to go missing/die is just painful.

Not a good sign...

And the final point is. How mature those girls behave. Correct me if I am wrong, but are Japanese children a lot more mature than kids elsewhere? Cause in my whole life I have not seen a 10-year old or even a 14-year old thinking so rationally! They way they think is just… Mature! They seem to bother choosing their words and come on, which kids you see will suggest doing homework or cleaning the house as something they want to do.

If only there were girls like that here... *sigh*

So that’s a wrap. Final last thing I want to say. I may be overly emotional for a guy, but the part about the girls going to be separated. I was close to tears. The way the relatives are emotionless and the girls weeping their eyes out is just ;_;. When Yuuta mans up and goes all “I will take care of those girls!” made me start yelling “That guy is a man! HE IS A MAN!” and freaking out my family. I guess I am really easily influenced by anime.

Maaaaaan!!!! He is a MAN!

What else can I say? I freaking love this anime. The OP is nice, the ED is nice, the characters is nice. I love it! So much I can write nearly 900 words on it, I want to write a lot more, but then I might repeat myself in the future so if I do, I am sorry. (・ω<) =D Moe picture to make me feel more Happy Happy Girl! Remember, if you can, COMMENT!

Maybe they are not so happy, but they are moe!


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