And what the flying f**k was that? (Guilty Crown Episodic – Episodes 11 and 12)

Well, if you are watching Guilty Crown for any demented reason say you like the action or the art, you would know that they had a “brief” break after episode 11. Of course they would leave you hanging for quite a bit after a cliffhanger in which they decided to murder Gai (I was waiting for it actually, there’s no way they’ll let him live).

And some random OVA of sorts came out and I went to get it. Kiseki Assortment if I remember the name. Don’t watch it. It’s just 50 minutes of them recapping all the crap that has happened thus far.

Monochrome + Shimapan = win

Ok, now that I’m done with all that crud, let’s get to it shall we?

I’ll also like to apologize for the tardiness of this post. Guilty Crown ep 13 has already aired a while back but I haven’t been able to get down and write a post for a bit. Also, I’ve been a bit lazy recently to post but I decided to finish this up

Reach out for the light!!!

Let’s see, episode 11 pretty much picks of where episode 10 left the show (Of course it would, it’s the next bloody ep and it would be a very inappropriate time for a filler).

As seen previously, the Anti-Bodies decided for whatever reason to release the Apocalypse Virusu again and hence devastate Tokyo. Again. And poor Gai get’s infected by it too. Then in a fit of rage, Daryl uses his Endlave and shreds his dad with a hail of bullets. Wonderful.

Daddy problems at Over 9000

A polite announcement of the hostile takeover

Funeral Parlour is stuck in a pitched battle against the Anti-Bodies (Of course they can’t all die at once when the Virus was released. It won’t make for much of a story) and meanwhile, Shu is stuck in school moping since the Anti-Bodies began closing off areas. Once again, Shu finds his man-mojo and escapes the school cordon with his unfortunate friends in tow where they arrive at the abandoned factory where he met Inori. Cue the dramatic speech where he tells the truth and shows off the flashy ability of his right hand (besides being able to f*p) and they merry bunch are on their way to rescue Funeral Parlour!!

And they manage to breach all of the Anti-Bodies defensewith the aid of their Voids and bust into the central tower!!! At the same time, Shu’s mum, Haruka, creates a way to reverse the effects of the Apocalypse Virus which pretty much seems like it’s a massive speaker to amplify Inori’s singing. Which of course begins negating the Virus. Once she finishes singing, Shu finally ends up on the roof with her but get their happy reunion spoiled when a mysterious chap/lass shows up, abducts Inori and attempts to kill Shu with her Void (oh yeah, this person can access Voids too!!). However, being the good man he is, Gai takes the blow for Shu. How brave.

the Speaker Tower (Command and Conquer reference if you don't get it)

OMG, Portal!!!! Where's the other one??


All in all, I actually did rather like this episode. The plot wasn’t as stupid as previous ones and it was rather interesting. Of course I didn’t get some bits (Like how Inori’s singing miraculously reverse the effects of the Apocalypse Virus) but it was pretty good. And as usual, the action was pretty cool to look at.

I will not make a sexual reference to the shape of the tower because it's exceedingly obvious

Jump straight into Episode 12 and prepare for mindf**k. For some reason (which will be explained later),  the new baddie, Shuichiro, erects a tower of Apocalypse Virus Cancer crystals in which he imprisons Inori. It seems the mysterious character we last saw opening a portal is in cahoots with him. And that they intend to kill all of humanity with the Apocalypse Virus (Duh). And suddenly, FLASHBACK.

BFF!!!! (butt f**k friends). Such an inappropriate acronym for me to think off...

Shu once knew Gai as Trition, a boy he and his sister, Mana, saved from the sea. And it seems that way back then, Mana was the first to be infected with the Apocalypse Virus and hence the original host. For some reason, it bends her will to it’s command and somehow wants her to f**k Shu…Yes, Incest. What kind of show wouldn’t have hints of that? Then Triton (Gai) finds out about her particular brand of infection and I think she rapes him. Or something. This whole chunk was incredibly poorly explained anyways

Creepy yet strangely a turn-on

Anyways, they’re in Tokyo for a holiday and Mana intends to ask Shu to marry her (or some other equally demented act). However, she “takes care” of Gai first by giving a pistol and asking him to protect her (like some f******g guardian) and when he’s asked to practice his skill with the peashooter, it backfires. Cue Shu’s dramatic entry and inpromtu rejection to his elder sister after which she flips out, goes bat-shit insane and releases the Apocalypse Virus, hence bringing about Lost Christmas.

For the Loli/Shota Incest fans...

Now that the past has been told, us, the audience, are jerked back into the present where the creepy old man Shuichiro intends to “marry” Inori who was actually created as a means of communication to Mana (who of course is preserved by the Virus as she’s the host). It seems that he intends to create a pact to become the leader of the new human race after the Apocalypse Virus wrecks merry f******g havoc on Earth. Lots of explosions later and BLAM, Gai’s back!!! Yep, he didn’t die but of course that’s solved a few minutes later where now, he’s impaled by Mana. Now that he realizes he’s utterly screwed, he asks Shu to kill him and Mana which Inori’s Void and end this whole farce. And therefore, Shu kills another friend AND his sister.

"Triton, are you injured?"

Oh look, a convenient chrysalis to destroy

Gai's badass rifle void

Ooops, I slipped. Oh shit, my sword is in my best friend and my sister

About this episode. I have a love/hate thing with it. I love the action and the suspense as well as various bits of the story but I hate the explanation to all this crap since it made no damn sense (or it didn’t make much sense anyways). But I do get the story and hell, the action more than made up for all the bullshit.

And that’s all folks. I once again will be announcing the end of my Guilty Crown episodic. I only did this post because I thought that this was too good to let up but after watching ep 13, I once again decided the show isn’t worth it. It’s good but only as entertainment.


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