A Demon Samurai and A Fox Spirit (InuxBoku SS Episode 2 Review)

So far I have to say that I enjoyed every single anime I have decided to watch. InuxBoku SS has proved to be enjoyable, though not the top notch kind of anime, it is still a fantastic anime to watch and I strongly recommend you to watch it if you have much free time. Now, on to the talk about the episode!

Hmm... seems nothing much has changed since we last left

When we left off at episode 1, we already know that the house, Ayakashi Kan, is meant for people who have a part supernatural form along with the usual human form people usual have. Other words they can transform into other creatures. Seeing that Ririchiyo-sama is staying in this house, it has led me to think that she is part-supernatural. We get a simple explanation at the start of the episode that the house is meant for the part-supernaturals to have a place to stay as at night their weird combination of human and monster attracts real monsters to them. So the house is a place for them to be safe.

Yes, she's a monster... a moester

I like how the show has a fantastic balance between seriousness and comedy. When the jokes come, you laugh (duh) but when the deeper themes kick in, you feel it easily. They do not mash together these two, which means that you know this show is not just pure comedy and is actually deep as well.

You have to love this guy... he has no ego whatsoever... which is a really useful thing

Now, I really want to talk about Soushi. What weird trauma did he have to go through to become so, “patient”? I add the inverted commas because I really do not know the one word to describe him.We already know he is devoted to his Ririchiyo-sama and is willing to die for her. But now he seems like a weird combination of a yandere and a crybaby. The result, a clingy secret agent who tears up a lot and will “never give you up or turn around and forget you”. Ha! Rick-rolled in a blog post! I do not know why I did that, sorry.


The interesting thing about this show is that it can actually let you learn more about the superstition of the Japanese. Maybe there is going to be a traditional Japanese monster in every episode so by the end of the whole thing, you will be able to tell traditional Japanese ghost stories to tell each other. But I find it interesting about the kind of monsters they think of. A giant wall that blocks your way at night? That sounds really interesting, it seems more scary than a ghost appearing in front of you. You get stuck at the same spot for an entire night! That just sucks!

If this appeared in front of me I will freak out

But I have an interesting loophole about this show. All the tenants in Akashi Kan have secret service agents to protect them. But the thing is, as long as they stay in the house at night, what can hurt them? They all transform in to monsters! What human can harm them? I mean Ririchiyo might look really moe, but she can protect herself easily. We also get to see Ririchiyo’s other form this episode and my speculation were completely off.

Lemmie see, glowing eyes, epic mid-slice picture and another moester, fantastic!

I thought she was going to be something related to a cat. I know I have issues about cats and their ears on cute girls. -.- Turns out she is a demon samurai or something like that. She still looks moe as ever and she looks strong. Seeing both Soushi and Ririchiyo are both already great fighters, this makes this show different from your usual tsundere pair up as those usually have a weaker person involved. So if both of them are equally strong, I guess the fight scenes will be something to look forward to.

3 characters by 3 great seiyuu. From left, Hanazewa Kana, Toyosaki Aki and Hikasa Youko

The only question that is still unanswered is what kind of connection do out two heroes have in the past? A demon samurai and a nine-tailed fox spirit. How can they be related? So, I like this episode, the setting is completely set, so now or that is left is for the anime to wow us with whatever that they can come up with. Until then, moe picture!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!


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