Mirai Nikki Episode 15(Anime Episodic Review)

The new title design from the new ep. Not as scary but I still like it.

Now it’s rare for me to do an episodic, but I guess doing episodics on this anime series will be an exception, since it’s new and ongoing. To be honest, I find the previous OP and ED much more to my liking, but I won’t take anything away from the new ones. They were still good for the new OP but somehow I do find the ED a little weird (well the show is weird anyway). WARNING THERE ARE SOME PICS WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT TURN YOU ON.

Some of the scenes taken from the new OP

Another(Not the anime) Diary Holder

And as with every psychopath, there’s one that goes paranoid. Unfortunately for Yukki, he’s the one going through it due to his “lover”, Yuno. And as probably what you’d expected, he’s begun sweating like hell since he “left” her. Going out of topic for a little while, I don’t know how the hell the mother disappeared during the fight scene and when the mansion starts burning later on, which I find a bit illogical since the fire broke out and stuff, but whatever. It’s an anime, so anything goes.

He predicted Yuno's reappearance was coming...

Get a grip, Yukki!

And she does.

And as I said earlier, this isn’t really a slice of life kind of movie. Things happen without really much concern if it wasn’t someone dying or anything related to the actual plot. The supporting characters just disappear like that and it was a little rushed somehow. I didn’t like that part, and only that.

The two 7th diary holders, yes there's two of em'.

It’s about time I introduce the 7th diary holders for this episode and the next. I’ll leave the screenshots and the captions to do the honours!

The Male...

The female...

What their diaries are..

Ikusaba Marco's detailed use of the diary.

Mikami Ai's detailed use of the diary.

Well I do find the girl hot, but girls with spectacles aren’t my type of thing. Making it even worse, they were seen making out in the OP. Meh, that ruined my appetite. Focusing more on their diaries and their functions, they both have diaries which is mainly used to protect the other partner, more similar to how Yuno’s diary predicts Yukki’s future. A little messed up concept, but you’ll get over it.

Contrary to their diaries, this is what they do for a living.

Well on comes the fighting. Yuno was pretty suave with the knife, as always. This episode finally showed her being beaten though the was a little bit of fair play by the male 7th. Yukki was always spectating, and he got thrown of the ledge of the second floor of the mansion. He reaps what he sows, I guess. In other words, he pretty much deserved it.

Yuno when she's in the mood to kill.

And as with every episode, most of it ends with a cliffhanger. This time featuring Uryuu Minene, the 9th diary holder! Man, these number of diary holders can confuse a viewer sometimes. Nevertheless! This is the episode to watch!

9th diary holder Uryuu Minene

I do apologize if I got certain names pronounced wrongly or have forgotten the name, but there’s too many to remember for me! Anyway, stay tuned to the next episodic of this that I may do. There may be a hint of XXX in the closing stages of the anime as well, since there were such moments in the manga, but knowing most television broadcasters, they wouldn’t broadcast that, would they?


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  1. congrats on the new post…. i see you’re doing episodics

  2. Might as well give it a try.

  3. Of course Yuno was returning. This show is underneath it all about their fatalistic romance. Yuki must save Yuno from her psychopathic tendencies and she must save him from the other diary owners. I love this show.

  4. Which explains why I love this show.

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