We Get to See Everyone except, the Loli Vampire! (Nisemonogatari Episode 3 Review)

So, I’m really really late for this post. Sorry about that, it’s currently Chinese New Year here so I’m really busy now and I don’t really have the mood to blog when I feel busy. Anyway, it is time again for the next episodic review of Nisem, so on to the review.

So, he goes for the loli, good choice mate

I have to say this show gets deep from this episode onwards. No more light and fluffy character introductions. The jokes are still there definitely, but the themes are a lot darker. This is the classic Bakemonogatari feel. Though the artwork might not appeal to some people and instead turn them away, I enjoy the uniqueness of the way the portray stuff.

Some find this weird, but for me I enjoy it!

First deep thing we get to see is that Hanekawa and Senjougahara have a deep connection between them, evident from the way Kanbaru said it and Gahara-san’s reaction to the phone call from Hanekawa. But that will definitely be revealed in due time.

If she can make Senjougahara like that... Hanekawa must be a beast

Second is that we get to see the antagonist of the show, who is probably the person the Fire Sisters are after. The trickster, Kaiki Deshu. He seems shady enough to me, with the whole I am dark and evil thing, even giving Araragi the impression that it would be a really really bad idea to follow him. So for that I want to see where they can go with him.

Something tells me he is... you know... EVIL

This episode, I have to say that my favourite part was when Karen messaged Araragi for help and he just raged the chains. This meant the whole time that Senjougahara was messing with him, he could have broken free, but really just enjoyed being tortured, what an M. Again, like with many other anime, the theme of sibling is that they will be there for each other, which is something nice to think about. Hope he saves her in time, I rather liked Karen.

Rage in 3.... 2.... 1....

My thoughts about this episode? Fantastic as usual I have to say, we are into the storyline and everything we see now will be crucial in the later parts of the show, so it is definitely interesting. The humour as usual is there and is great, the play the jokes well and though comedy is not really the main focus, but it is fun to watch nevertheless.


I just have one bugging question. Where the heck is Shinobu. According to My Anime List, she is a main character like the Araragi siblings and should be making quite a few appearances and we actually get to hear her voice. But nope, after 3 episodes, we still do not see or hear her. So my curiosity inside of me is begging to know what she would sound like as I do not know much about her seiyuu Sakamoto Saaya. Plus, she looks moe and loli, and I like moe and loli. Next episode seems good, we get to see…

At least we get to see Hanekawa next!

Again, sorry for the late post but these few days are packed full, so my later posts like Daily Lives of Highschool Boys will be delayed slightly and by slightly, I’m talking about the posts being out on Friday night, earliest, so really sorry for the slight delay if you were looking out for it. Oh yeah, if you want to ask me anything or want to discuss stuff, please feel free to comment, it would be nice to see people responding. Until then, Moe picure!

Nisem moe for a Nisem post


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  1. I consider araragi kind of passive, he won’t act unless he needs to.

    he might be M but in that situation he does have his safety garunteed. He only reacted when his sister was in danger.

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