Doing Stupid Things with Your Bros (Danshi Koukouse no Nichijou Episode 3 Review)

So after the rather long break we had, we are back! So, back to the show that was scheduled to be reviewed on Tuesday. Danshi Koukouse no Nichijou, aka, Nichibros. I have to say, as expected from this show, the comedy and stupidity are as great as ever and you will have many face palm moments throughout this episode.

Try no to drink soda during this episode

However, there are moments when a teen like me reading this will start nodding and say,”I know how that feels like…”

Secret Trick: If you do not ask, you do not get rejected

High School Boys and the Beach House

So another beach episode, I have to say that the part leading to the beach episode is too true. When Tadakuni’s sister had to choose a guy to date and the emo Karasawa was chosen. Their reactions are completely true. The guy chosen will feel awesome for a while, before completely ruining his chances. Tadakuni’s sister does have some violence issues.

Do this to almost any group of straight guys and you will see the same result

The stupidity is now seen here. “Girls like guys the way they like their fried noodles, hot!” is probably the worst one liner to make you look cool. Not only did Tabata looked really stupid, he got slapped. Morale of the story? Simple, do not make any stupid one-liners.

Bros are there to slap you for doing or saying something stupid

The really funny part comes when they start playing table tennis and have to answer a question. The topics they choose are kind of hard, I mean the moons of Saturn? Foreign Presidents? The last one was kind of easy since the country I come from does have a moon on its flag. And no, it is not Malaysia.

Best Answer in the show!

High School Boys and the Radio DJ

This part just shows how bored you can get during holidays and the stupid stuff that you end up doing. Talking to an imaginary audience though an imaginary radio show is just sad. At least they were sponsored by Square Enix.

But there will always be that guy who does not want to join in

At least you do learn one thing from this, you can blame everything on your mother. Actually no, that’s not a good thing to learn.

High School Boys and Summer Memories

We get an insert song here and I have to say it is a good song. It properly symbolizes the things you feel during your holiday. I find it really sad how dull my holidays seem compared to them, my schedule involves a few things. Eating and anime.

Though this is nothing but a sausage fest

The ending part was awesome, having too much fun until you forget about the new term and the sadness of a new term starting causing you to play really random games as and when you can.

High School Boy and the Train to School

Come on, talking to a girl because she has hair growing out of her mole? Yup, that seems completely normal. I guess it is normal for people to stare at the weird points of strangers you meet on the public transport and go crazy over it.

This is creepy though

So girls, if a guy suddenly gets close to you on the train or bus, he is probably trying to tell you something important but does not have the guts to do so. That or he wants to get a seat, either one.

High School Girls are Funky

This is another bonus clip at the end of the episode and it is interesting. You get to see what goes on on the other side of the line. It turns out girls do think about weird stuff as much as guys. Other than that, I cannot really say much. But girls way of thinking is definitely more complex than guys, the weird things they do are the same as guys, just for completely different reasons.

What goes on in a girl's head...

Since I cannot really say much about the storyline, I just have to say my thoughts about the comedy, so I hope you enjoyed it. Until then, I will see you in a few days for the next episode!

Cannot wait for Black Rock Shooter, can you?


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  1. Do you download/torrent your anime? If so, which subs do you follow for Nichibros cause every time I download sage’s 720p/10bit episodes the quality is terrible. Is it just me?

    • i usually just stream it from , so far it seems to have the highest quality streams i have seen. I normally do not download the whole series until it’s fully aired… laziness on my part mostly

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