By The Light

Well, this short story came into being after a rather fitful nap of mine on the way back from school. It wasn’t a dream as much as my brain planning out all aspects of the story in a still image (which is the final scene by the way). I thought it was most peculiar and decided to write it down. Obviously, when I got bored enough, I sat down and typed out the rest of the story. So I present to you, By The Light, a short Yuri story by CyborgCommunist!!!

Please note that this was also edited by me and not my usual editor as he’s been busy so the grammar or phrasing at times might be a tad bit odd.


By the Light


Rika panted as she ran down the hallway. She was determined to get to her goal as fast as possible. She had to or she’ll miss her chance for her plan to succeed. Thinking about her goal gave her a brief spurt of energy and she reached the door to the entrance to the girl’s lavatory. She bended over and rested her hands on her kneecaps as she struggled to catch her breath.

The door for the lavatory opened and a girl dressed in the same uniform as Rika walked out.  However, whereas Rika’s hair was a dark raven black and cut to neck level, this girl’s was a silky sheet of chestnut brown hair that reached her waist and from it, Rika could smell a tint of her peach shampoo. “Harune!!!” Rika shouted and her hand shot ou, grabbing the other’s girl’s thin wrist. Harune jolted back in surprise and exclaimed “Rika?!” “Follow me! Quick!” Rika said loudly before she started to run again, dragging the stunned Harune with her.

“Rika! Stop! Where are we going? And why are you pulling me along?” Harune shouted and tried to resist Mai from dragging her any further. However, her smaller lithe frame stood no chance over the larger and more full-bodied Mai. However Rika did notice Harune’s résistance and turned around, saying “We’re going to the rear garden!”  as she continued running.


After 30 more seconds of running, the pair finally arrived at their destination, the rear garden of Saint Michael’s Academy. There, they stood there facing each other while panting in the serene atmosphere of the normally empty rear garden. Rika caught her breath first and turned in a circle, taking in all the sights and sounds, as well as smells of the rear garden. “Wahh!!” ,exclaimed Rika as she turned around. “I was told about this place by Yuuna-senpai. I never knew it existed until Yuuna-senpai told me about it” said Rika and she grinned ear to ear. Now Harune finally caught her breath as well and she instantly yelled “Baka Rika! You dragged me all the way here just to show me something you found out about?” She cheeks were still flushed red from the physical exertion of running bare moments before and they only served to accentuate her fair skin and doll-like face.  Before Harune lost her cool again, Rika decided it was best to explain her actions quickly.

“No Harune! I brought you here to talk to you in private” Rika said as approached Harune and grasped her hands. They were slightly warm to the touch and Harune instinctively said “your hands are cold, Rika…” as she blushed from the sudden physical contact. “Why couldn’t you just talk to me in class or brought me aside during lunch break instead of suddenly bringing me here?” “That’s because you’re always surrounded by your adoring fans during break…” muttered Rika as she looked down at Harune’s shoes to avoid looking her in the eye. “It’s hard to separate them from you so that we can speak in private” Harune sighed and quickly apologized to Rika for shouting at her. Although she didn’t seem like it, Rika was actually a crybaby which was at odds with her physical appearance. Rika was tall for a girl her age and rather well endowed. She never seemed to get fat not matter how much she ate and she was very athletic. However, the part that caught everyone’s attention at first about Rika was her smile. Rika’s smile was absolutely radiant and had stunned many at first.

Harune understood where Rika was going with her words. Due to her doll-like appearance, many of her classmates swooned over her. Although she was annoyed by it at times, she had gotten rather used to it. However, it did meant that she didn’t have as many opportunities as she’ll like to be alone with Rika.


Rika and Harune had been going out for about 2 months now. It had all started in spring on their third year together. They had met one another in their second year of Junior High and had instantly became fast friends. However, at the start of spring in their first year of High school, Rika had one day suddenly asked Harune shyly; to stay back after school together to study together in the library. It was there in a dark corner of St Michael’s extensive library that Rika had confessed to Harune about her feelings for her. Harune remembered Rika being incredibly flustered and embarrassed as she confessed and had broken down in tears immediately after when Harune’s first reaction was to say “oh…” Harune then recalled Rika breaking out into near hysterics after she had hugged and whispered “yes” into her ear. Of course she had been surprised by the sudden turn of events from her close friend but Harune had already suspected her feelings towards Rika to be more than a normal close friendship. They seemed to have more skinship than most pairs of close friends and even their friends commented that they were closer than most. Rika’s sudden (and teary) confession only served to verify her feelings for her.

Harune decided the best thing to do now to gain Rika’s attention again was to surprise her with a kiss. So she quickly got on tiptoes and placed a kiss on Rika’s left cheek. To her delight, it had an instant effect on the very vocal Rika who’s exclamation was between “what?” and “Ahhh” as she stumbled backwards .Harune then proceeded to grin cheekily at Rika and stuck out her tongue. Rika looked confused for a moment before she started to giggle and her smile returned to her face.

“Ok Rika, you dragged me here to talk about something right? So, what was it?” Harune enquired. Once again, Rika blushed and looked away. Harune thought that this was incredibly cute coming from this girl who was a head taller than her and giggled again. Rika turned back to Harune and said “Well, you see, I was free tonight and I wondered if you’d like to go on a date with me. We’ve been busy these past weeks due to our tests but we have free time now that they’re over, right?” Harune was actually surprised by this since she was actually going to suggest a date herself so she enthusiastically said “Yes! I’m free tonight!”

Rika grinned and Harune was caught unaware for a moment. Even though they’ve been together for 2 months now, Rika’s smile still sometimes caught her by surprise. When they did go on dates outside, they would usually draw unwanted attention to themselves firstly due to their appearance, a tall carefree girl with a shorter girl whom had the air of a ojou-sama around her, and Rika’s carefree smile. Harune was actually overjoyed to know that Rika’s most sincere and honest smile was reserved for her only.

“Ok then! It’s settled! I’ll pick you up at 9pm tonight Harune!” Rika said. “9pm? Wasn’t that really late at night?” Harune thought before she voiced her question to Rika. Rika’s only answer was to smile and say “9pm ok? I’ll be there right on time!”, leaving Harune to wonder about the nature of their mysterious late night date.


It was 8.45pm and Harune was anxiously waiting by her front porch for the sight of Rika’s tall and curvy frame.  Harune once again rearranged her white frilly one-piece dress again. Her mum had insisted it looked adorable on her and Harune was forced to agree on that. She hoped that Rika would find it cute as well. Just then, Harune suddenly heard someone shouting her name loudly from down the street. A few bare moments later, Rika showed up at the end of the street, pedaling furiously on her bicycle, wearing a pair of jeans and a long shirt. Over the shirt, Rika wore her usual half-length leather jacket, a memento of her late older brother, edited to a girl’s taste.

Harune was taken aback when Rika’s first words to her weren’t “You look cute, Harune!” but instead “Harune, could I have a glass of water?” Harune’s only reaction was to mutter “hmmph” and looked away from Rika. Rika stood with a confused look on her face before she said “Umm…did I do something wrong again Harune?” “I won’t tell you, baka Rika!” Rika scratched her neck and she tried to figure out why Harune was mad.  Finally, she noticed the dress Harune had on and exclaimed quickly “OH! Sorry Harune, I didn’t realize your new dress!” “How could you? I mean, it’s very different from the uniform you see me in everyday!” Rika blushed and muttered “Well, you always look cute wearing anything…or nothing…” which brought the blush onto Harune’s cheeks as well. “Baka Rika! D-D-Don’t talk about such embarrassing events here! What if my mum overheard us?”

Rika quickly stumbled out an apology to Harune. Of course no one knew of their relationship with each other. They were both worried of what others would think of it and were sure many would not be kind in their opinions about them; hence they had decided to keep it a secret, even from their parents. As far as their parents were concerned, the pair of them was just going for a late night movie with a bunch of their classmates.


After bidding farewell to Harune’s parents, Harune got on the bicycle with Rika and they set off at a leisurely place towards an unknown destination. “Rika, where are we heading? You haven’t told me yet!” “Don’t worry Harune, it’s just someplace I found the other day. I’m sure you’ll love it.” Once again, Harune racked her brains as she tried to think of where they might be headed.

It took 15 more minutes before they finally reached the entrance to one of the parks set in their town.  “Tada! We’re here!” exclaimed Rika excitedly. They had finally come to a stop under a cherry blossom tree behind a hill. When Harune looked around, she was left speechless in awe. They were at the bank of the lake and all around were lush greenery. On the opposite side of the bank, more cherry blossom trees could be seen.  As she looked up, the brightness of the stars stood out in the night sky. “We are far enough away from town so that the light does not prevent us from seeing all the stars. Also, I don’t think many people know of this spot here!” Rika said while wearing a toothy grin. Harune turned back to her lover and said “I love it. It’s beautiful!” “Heehee, I know right? Come on, let’s sit down” said Rika as she gestured at the mat she had placed over the verdant grass.

They sat in silence for another 5 minutes whilst they admired the scenery before Harune broke the silence. “Rika, why did you decided to bring me here today?” Rika seemed to chew on her words and bit before she gave her answer. “Well, on our last date, you said you were kinda disappointed by how it turned out right? Because of the amount people that were staring at us and how crowded it was at the mall? You also said we couldn’t kiss at all and that I seemed distracted”

“Well, I decided to make it back up to you. See, there’s no one in the park at night and since the exams are over, I do not have to worry about them anymore. So I’m only going to focus on you tonight!” before she leaned in a gave Harune a quick peck on the cheek. Harune felts tears at the corner of her eyes. She felt genuinely touched by Rika’s actions and could not hold herself back from hugging Rika and saying her name over and over again. Rika seemed a bit surprised by Harune’s sudden burst of action but regained her composure before she started to giggle once again at Harune’s cuteness.


Rika and Harune lied down on the mat as they looked up to the night sky, trying to form patterns from their arrangements. Harune’s head rested upon Rika’s right shoulder and their hands were held between them. Their other hand they were using to point out the patterns they had formed with the stars. They had been doing this for 10 minutes now and they were both very happy. It felt good to feel all the stress of the tests melt away as they enjoyed each other’s company. They really had not had such time to do such a thing during their test period. Their gentle laughter rolled across the calm waters of the lake as the night breeze blew over them.

Suddenly, Rika’s cellphone rang and she pulled it out of her pocket, shattering the serence moment. It was a message from her mum and she quickly sent back her reply. However, bare seconds later, her mum sent back another text and Rika let go of Harune’s hand so that she could use both her hands to text faster.

Harune looked over at Rika’s face, illuminated by the light from her cell and she felt a bit annoyed by what she was going on. Quicky, she grasped the hand that Rika was using to hold her phone and pushed it away. Then, she rolled her body on top of Rika. Now they were face to face, Harune’s right hand holding down Rika’ left as well as the cellphone. With her other hand, Harune reached for Rika’s other hand and interlocked their fingers. “Rika~  You promised that you’ll only focus on me today remember?” Harune purred as she played with Rika’s hair. “But it’s my mum Harune…”

Harune never gave Rika the chance to finish her sentence as she placed her lips over Rika’s. Rika’s eye’s shot wide open in surprise before they slowly slid shut, a slightly drowsy look in them as she succumbed to the intoxicating pleasure and sensations Harune’s soft, sweet lips gave.


Rika slowly let go of her phone and left it on the grass. Using her now free left hand, she slid it down Harune’s back to wrap around her waist as her other hand let go of Harune’s and to the back of Harune’s slender neck, pushing her lips firmer onto her’s.

Eventually, their lips parted and they looked into each other’s eyes to see a look of ecstasy in each other’s visage.  Harune faintly mumbled “I feel dizzy Rika…” before she brought her lips back down onto Rika’s. As their breathing got heavier, Rika’s pushed her tongue into Harune’s mouth which caused her to release a soft moan.  Harune’s hand was now on Rika’s face, caressing her cheek as Rika’s explored Harune’s mouth with her tongue frantically, soft moans escaping from both their lips.

The two of them stayed in that position for a while under the cherry blossom, the air feeling electric around them and the only sound in the tranquil night was their gentle panting as they kissed by the light of Rika’s cellphone.



Personally, I thought it was a bit rushed but I still greatly enjoyed writing this out. It’s nice to write such stories once in a while. Let’s the imaginative juices of our amazing Brains flow. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this short story and please, leave a comment with your impressions and opinions of it.

P.S – This will be going up on along with Forbidden Lilies as soon as that bloody site let’s me upload properly.



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