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Once again, after a long wait, I bring you the next installment in my short story series, Forbidden Lilies. My usual editor has been hard-pressed to find the inspiration to do editing recently so this was edited by none other than LessThanFree. Give him a round of applause folks. Either way, enjoy the story!!!


Forbidden Lilies Part 5: At Odds

Aria sighed and put down her stylus before pushing the drawing tablet away. She groaned as she rubbed her eyes. A quick glance at the clock told her that it was 2.35am in the morning. She had stayed up the whole night trying to finish a commissioned artwork for her client’s website. It was pity she could not finish it today but she would not have been able to produce a quality product otherwise. Aria yawned and stretched as she continued to draw, feeling lethargic. “I’ll complete it tomorrow then!” she said to herself as she swiveled her chair around. Aria stood up and started to make her way towards the bathroom in her apartment when a movement from the bed caught her eye. Niko had turned over in her sleep and her crimson hair was in a fan around her head on the pillow.

Aria sighed again as she recalled the memory from 2 days ago at the restaurant. She was extremely disappointed at her inability to overcome her fear and hence, she could not tell Niko what was deep inside her heart. She had choked and just simply ended the discussion before it even began with an “It can wait”. Aria looked down at her toes as they curled in the carpet. She really wanted to discuss her conflicted emotions with Niko that day. In her head, Aria thought “I’ll just have to try again then” and continued towards the bathroom. After washing her face, she then joined Niko in bed.

However, Aria did not fall asleep immediately. She stayed up for a while and stared at Niko’s face in her slumber. Her long eyelashes were instantly noticeable to Aria. Aria always thought that Niko had the most beautiful deep green eyes and her long eyelashes only served to enunciate them.  When Niko looked at someone intently, her eyes would make her seem intimidating, especially if she had a hard look in them. But Niko had only ever looked at Aria with kind eyes, which Aria would always find comfort in. Aria snuggled closer to Niko’s body and eventually dozed off the image of those 2 green eyes in the forefront of her dreams.

The sound of keyboard keys being pressed filled the empty office as Niko typed furiously. Niko was trying to complete an assignment quickly so that she did not have to rush tomorrow to meet the deadline in hope that it would free up time to be with Aria. Aria had texted her, informing her that she was also working overtime to complete a piece of artwork. Hence, Niko had thought that this would be a good time to complete some work instead of being lonely at home, awaiting Aria’s return.

Aria… Niko stopped her furious typing and leaned back in her chair. Whenever she thought of her now, Niko’s heart would skip a beat. What used to bring a soothing warmth now brought with it a tinge of anxiety.There was no doubt an air of awkwardness and apprehension between the two of them in the past couple of days.  Spending time with her seemed less attractive now than it had been previously. It was not that Niko’s feelings for Aria were waning. It was just that Niko was fearful of what Aria would do if they were together. She had obviously wanted to say something to her that day in the restaurant but had not been able too. The curiosity about what Aria wanted to say was itching away at the back of Niko’s mind.

However, Niko was also afraid of what Aria would say. Niko knew that she was not a very reserved person and would speak her mind without a moment’s thought. Hence, she was scared that she would be surprised or angry at what Aria was saying and in return, say something that she would regret. It would also hurt Aria’s feelings and their relationship. Niko really wanted to preserve her bond with Aria and not have it wilt away like her previous partners. She had never felt such a strong connection with anyone before. But now, the fear off this precious relationship souring was very much plausible. Both she and Aria seemed to be avoiding each other and their interactions now seemed very hollow and half-hearted, as if each party was wary of the other.

Niko desperately wanted to ask Aria to just speak her mind and get it off her chest. She was unsure if what Aria had to say would hurt her, but she was dying to hear because it might mean that their relationship would go back to normal. However, what Aria had to say could also harm their relationship. Niko had been having many wild thoughts about what Aria wanted to say, including one of Aria saying she had found another and that she would be leaving Niko. Niko was sure that she really could not handle that. So in the end, Niko wanted was yearning to hear it, but was also apprehensive about what Aria had to say.

Niko placed her hands back on the keyboard and sighed. She should stop thinking about such matters as she did her work. It was not wise to mix personal affairs with business. Niko decided to start thinking on the bright side of things. She had read somewhere that a little distance in a relationship at times helped to invigorate it. Suddenly, Niko recalled that she had heard stories from her friends that the distance they created had resulted in them breaking up with their partner. Once again, a dark cloud descended on Niko’s thoughts. She groaned. She would never be able to complete her task if she kept getting distracted! Niko looked at her desk and the few possessions placed on it. Then, she flipped open her cellphone to check if there were any new messages.

However, the first thing to pop up on her screen was her wallpaper of Aria’s smiling face. She remembered when they had taken this picture. The memory of that date came flooding back into Niko’s mind and she smiled at the memory. Niko then opened up her gallery and went through her pictures. Suddenly, she stopped at a picture of Aria in a one-piece dress while wearing a sunhat. They had taken this at a beach a month back. It was also on that night that Aria took the initiative to kiss Niko for the first time. The look on Aria’s face that time was a memory Niko was determined to never forget. Her heart had been pounding so hard at that time as she sat on the beach behind some boulders, hidden from view. The night sky dotted with the bright pinpricks of light from the stars served as the backdrop to that kiss.

Niko placed her head on her desk as she looked at the picture displayed on her cellphone. For some reason, she was feeling an unnaturally strong pull towards Aria now. It was as if she would die if she did not see Aria soon. Her heart was simply longing to see Aria again, no matter the circumstances when they meet. Suddenly, Niko felt her hand creeping towards the hem of her skirt. Before she knew it, Niko’s fingers had made contact with her panties covering her crotch. She was surprised as she touched the fabric. It was moist to the touch. Niko did not realise that she had gotten wet at all. Her fingers began probing at her crotch and Niko squeezed her eyes shut as they filled with tears. This felt so wrong and yet so right. Her lust was taking over her logic.

Now, the only sound to be heard in the empty office space was the sound of Niko’s muffled moans.



And on that ecchi note ends this part of the story. I thank you all if you’ve read the whole story to here and I ask that you  wait some more as the conclusion will be published soon!! The editor will now be LessThanFree but JustinDent (ex-editor) will be writing the doujin for Forbidden Lilies. I will of course, write part 6. As usual, please leave a comment with your opinion or criticism of the story.

Strawberries :3


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