It’s not fruit related (Appleseed and Appleseed Ex Machina review)

Even Santa needs backup at times

Both the Appleseed movies have been on my To-Watch list for a while now and in fact, I had downloaded them quite a while ago as well. Of course it was only when I started watching at my friends house with SleepySlacker that I found out I downloaded the Blu-Ray versions but that hardly matters. They were still two of the coolest movies I’ve ever seen.

Appleseed and it’s sequel focus on Deunan Knute and her cyborg boyfriend, Briareos. In the future, a race of cloned humans with repressed emotions and reproductive capabilities known as Biorods exist amongst humans. The main plot of the first movie was to find a way to “save” the Bioriods as the renegade head of the Miliatary in Olympus (The city where the movies take place) destroys the facilities to prolong the Bioroids reduced lifespans as well as to create them. A device known as the Appleseed contains the information gives the Bioroids the ability to reproduce but the objectives of the Council that leads the city aren’t as simple as they seem.

The sequel’s main plot is around a madman’s plot to fully integrate humanity and Bioroids to ensure complete peace through any means necessary. His intention is to weed out those that oppose his plan and to induct the population under his control with Mind-controlling devices. So Deunan and Briareos have to embark on a journey to prevent the plan from going through as they are the only ones who know of the full scope of it’s intentions.

A really cool piece of art I found

To sum it up, Appleseed is about Mechas, guns, girls and cyborgs (my kinsmen!!!). What’s not to like?

Firstly, considering the film was made in 2004, I wasn’t expecting the graphics of the show to be top-notch. But happily, I was wrong. I’m not sure about the normal ones but in Blu-Ray the graphics were amazing. The movements weren’t choppy and poorly animated (which is great as it was an action film. It would have been horrible if the animation was sub-par).The design for both Briareos’s cyborg body and Deunan’s character were really good too. Some could say Deunan was bonerific.

I did like the rather “disconnected” feel the graphics gave. It’s  backgrounds was really “realistic” and it was almost like they were videotaped in real life then animated over to add the characters.  The vibrancy of the colours also gave it a most Sci-Fi Action feel.  It was a rather interesting experience watching it.

In terms of plot, it was rather predictable. There’s no way Deunan (the female protagonist) could lose and fail to complete her mission right? But predictable as it was, I do rather appreciate the plot lines for both the prequel and sequel as they were still pretty good. The plot twists weren’t all that obvious but were done pretty well. Then again, not many people want to watch an action film for it’s plot right? You just hope the plot isn’t absolutely rank and enjoy the explosions (and girls).

Appleseed was interesting enough to lure my non-otaku friend to watch it with us which is always a plus. And we were all laughing at the laggy subs that would show a few seconds after the words were spoken. I would recommend this show to any looking for a good, visually appealing action ani-movie that has a decent plot.

Best Kyouko pic I've seen

P.S – Get Blu-Ray, it looks awesome. Real Life movies have a difference in Blu-Ray (not that you really care for it since real-life in Blu-ray can be seen if you turn your head away from the screen) but for anime, the difference is actually really cool.

We're all waiting for BRS the anime, aren't we?


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