Lolis Give You a Nice Sweet Feeling in your Heart (Paka no Iukoto Kikinasai Episode 3 Review)

When we left of last time, it was the touching part already, however this show does not want to let go of your heart strings so easily but let’s save that for later! So far I have to say that I am extremely glad that PapaKiki has 26 episodes, because every episode just let you feel so relaxed, like it somewhat heals you.

It lets you enjoy life's simple pleasures

Since we left of, Yuuta managed to man up and take care of the three girls, in the process, pissing off every single of the girls relatives. On the bright side, the girls will still be together. But I have to say that guy has balls, but does not really think ahead.

Totally not weird and/or gay. The things people do to make kids happy

The episode is basically the girls settling down and as I said before, I do not really want to talk too much about it unless it is important. The interesting part was when Nimura thought that Yuuta was some sort of lolicon and Miu revealing how she truly felt.

That's what friends are for, reporting you for being a pedophile

Yuuta definitely did the right thing in the sense that he wanted to keep the girls together. But seeing that he did not plan anything whatsoever, he is a bit impulsive. I mean there are 3 girls! It is hard enough to raise a kid, but 3 are a bit too much. He has too small house for four people, not enough money and no support from the rest of the family.

But with a serious face and light shining on your face, anything is possible

So far this show has proved to be rather realistic, so I hope that they do not shift away from it. I rather liked the fact that the show still kept to reality so making it unrealistic might turn me off. The themes are kept real and I am sure with enough hard work and stuff Yuuta can raise the girls until their parents get back, realistically.

Guy sharing a room with 3 young girls... That itself is questionable

Then comes the big question. Why did Sora had such a big reaction against Yuuta using the toilet after her? Waiting for an hour? I really want to know the reason why… If you do know the reason please tell me cause I am completely lost. After a lot of thought, my guess is a) she is embarrassed to share the toilet with an older dude OR b) it is that time of the month. Just what did Miu say to Yuuta for him to get it? Argh! So many unanswered questions! Plus, what the heck does Yuri do in the toilet with Hina for her to think its natural to do that? And why does Sora not mind it at all? Is this what girls do all the time? *mind blown and nosebleed* Now, every single male reader will start imagining stuff while the girls just have a knowing smile. -.-

Doesn't everyone want to go Mowmow?

One part that made me empathize with this show is when Miu ran out of the house. I saw that coming from the part in the train. For some reason, the one who seems to be the most cheerful and all may actually hold the deepest scars. So it was really nice of Yuuta to go talk to her and let her feel better. After all, it is not good to hold it all in. So for that part… I like realism.

Everyone needs someone whom you can cry in front of. Why did I make such a serious and emo remark?

You may be wondering why I keep talking about how realistic the show is and stuff. The thing is I feel that if a show does not seem realistic and still features everyday life, it may appeal to your imagination but not your heart, so for shows with drama, they must be drama you yourself can experience. Hence my weird emphasis on it. I have to say, so far this anime is doing the drama well. You can empathise with the characters and that truly makes the whole watching experience meaningful.

Though I really cannot see this happening with my brothers, I guess it's a sisters' thing?

If I have not said this before or you were not listening/reading properly, the OP and ED of this show is just awesome. The tunes are catchy and the pictures and animation in it are just so… moe.

Creative artwork, check! Me like!

So I have to say I love this show. This episode did pull at my heart a little bit, but the light heartedness kind of cancelled it out but then the ending was so touching that my heart wept. The show already has a nice plot set up, so please do not disappoint me. I know this anime can go far, so let’s see how it goes next week. Until then, the usual Moe picture, since they provided one, I guess I will just use it! loli loli loli loli!

Nice of them to help me with the moe picture. This might be a tradition for this show. Might


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