The Fall-Out between Master & SS Agent (InuxBoku SS Episode 3 Review)

So here we are again… back on schedule. So it is time for more action with My Dog and Me Secret Service. Currently this show is not bad and more interesting than most people would expect it to be and the direction it is going is nice. It is getting harder to think of stuff to say at the start now… *sigh*

Somehow he is just devoted... seriously what connection did you two have?

We continue with even more Soushi love and some deep family themes, both enjoyable to watch and stare in wonder at. He also thought us how to protect a message that is important to you. If all else fails, print it, laminate it and put it in a safe.

Tsun again I see.... I must say Shoushi expression is epic.

We get a lot more information about this show and the whole logic of supernatural beings. Firstly, somehow by a weird reason, the families with supernatural are all rich. I guess supernatural genes are money magnets? Would be nice to have those genes.

Completely unrelated, but god I love Hyocchi's voice!

Another thing that they showed is that not everyone in the family have the mix. Even though the family has the genes only a few get it. Ririchiyo-sama is the one this generation to have the gene. Turns out it is not such a good thing after all. You get treated specially but you get little friends and by little I mean 0. Could be the reason why there is a house for these supernatural beings.

Notice the difference between the sisters

The final thing I found out on my own is that almost all of these supernatural beings have above average intelligence. Ririchiyo was said to be the top first-year student and in the top class. Karuta, the sweet moe one, is in the same class as her, which suggests that she too is considerably smart.

Smart and Moe.... Though it would be nice to see more of her character

This episode shows our first fall-out that most shows like this usually have. Surprisingly it was not caused by the male character getting pissed off and leaving. So once again, this show has proved to be a lot more unique than the usual tsun-dere show though the cause of the whole fall-out is the same, jealousy.

Oh no you didn't!

Through each episode, I have to say I am liking Ririchiyo more and more. She is really a nice person and as Shoushi said, just finds it hard to relate to other people. If she cures her problem, she might be the next moe of the year! Even with her problem, she is cute all the same.

Hmm.... Nobara seems to have many fetishes

We see her character developing a lot more and her true character under the façade. This time we really see that it is not her fault for being that way. If you were brought up that way that would be simply horrible. Getting slapped because you want to be normal by a father who favoritisms. When she took that glass of water to the head… I was amazed… I guess when she does show her true self she is a really brave and loyal person.

You have to say she is brave... and her dad is an ass

Finally, we get to see new characters. The cool guy plus his goofy SS agent which I do not think are bad. Plus the cool guy might be related to Karuta and this might mean his true form is going to be cool. My guess that his SS agent is a Rabbit Spirit or something. Just guessing, but it would be funny if it was. The comedy in this show is rather good after all.

Something just says "rabbit" around him.

For the record… in almost every scenario, I have to agree with Nobara whenever she calls out a moe moment she is dead on. The moe fanservice in this show is awesome! Many people might get annoyed with the whole “cute girl” thing but I rather enjoy it. ^.^

I had to add this picture in! I mean... LOOK AT IT!

The ending is finally out and it is a nice deep song. Rather nice animation in it I have to say. From what I have seen on MyAnimeList, every one of the character seiyuus get a theme song performance so that is nice.

Gothic Loli... Not bad....

That’s all I have to say, so it is your turn. Tell me what you think and comment it and please pardon my weird way of phrasing stuff. Until then, moe picture.

The movie will be here soon... it will be here soon... calm down...


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