It Disappointed Me, What can I say? (Senki Zesshou Symphogear Dropped)

Ok guys, for those of you who enjoyed Symphogear, I am terribly sorry. I did not enjoy it as much as I would expect to and the show does not seem to hold my interest. The first episode was so, so well done. After that it kind of went downhill a lot.

A head-start, but none of the pictures have anything to do with the post

I will continue to watch it so if it does pick up, I will continue to blog. But until then, I will drop blogging it for the time being. And now for the first time, a negative post by me.

Wan! Wan! Entertainment along the way for you

I have to say, when the first episode came out and I watched it, I seriously enjoyed it a lot. It had a nice music theme and although we know that the characters are either dead or going to die, they pulled it of rather nicely.

A little moe to comfort the Symphogear lovers (if any)

Then it just went downhill. We get a lot of random scenes that do nothing to progress the story and the show is more or less stuck right after what happened in the first episode. And what do I mean by meaningless scenes? The whole part about where they do so much yuri hinting even though it has nothing to do with the show. Personally I enjoy yuri to a certain extent and do not mind it, but when they just randomly add in yuri scenes just to get people to watch it, it becomes meaningless.

Madoka had yuri hints and all, but they were meaningful and the dark themes were played well

Next, the huge amount of plot holes so far. As a good point brought up by Cyborg: “Won’t it be a lot logical to give a buff soldier the relic to hold and have the girl sing?” The show did not really explain that, just the fact that the relic resonates with a few people’s voice. So at least say that it works only with girls. Cliché, I know, but at least you do not leave plot holes.

If this show decides to come up with a completely useless beach episode, I'm laying it to rest

The characters. Why do the characters seem as if they were really, really poorly designed. I mean for both Tsubasa and Kanade. They changed so fast! In like a short while Kanade becomes from a slightly deranged girl to a calm composed fighter. Tsubasa becomes from the moe character to the character whose attitude I have come to dislike. They just do not seem well made.

It just needed to keep up with the first episode!

Finally animation. It is not well done. Watch some of the episodes, you get what I mean? So with this reasons, I am dropping this anime until further notice.

Here's some moe, just for heaven's sake calm down!

By the way please note, these are my thoughts and my thoughts alone. If you disagree I can understand but from my view, I do not like this anime. That is all. I know I spammed a hell lot of moe pics through this posts as I am too lazy to get screen shots and the idea of re-watching those episodes kind of irk me, but still, moe picture.


Interesting outlook on the K-ON girls eh?


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  1. What would be a good example of meaningful yuri? I need to know this for my projects.

    • Geeeez, the amount I could tell…..

      But mostly, if i was to recommend anyone Yuri to start one, read Girlfriends, Gokujo Drop and Kannazuki No Miko in that order.

      And I write tons of Yuri reviews and stuff as well as talk about them on Twitter

  2. Quick note to anyone who cares, i am picking it up again to blog

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