A Post of Relaxation and Fan-boyism (ClariS Singer and Song Rant)

First of all, I would like to thank all the many readers we have been having this few days, we hit more views than we ever had for a really, really long time. So for that, I will thank you with moe, as I always have.

Two very, very awesome singers

Anyway, back today’s topic. I have been spamming out episodic posts for the past few weeks and not shown you guys anything other than that. So for today, yes, it is another music/artist review. This time, about two fantastic songbirds and the singers I respect the most, ClariS.

Do not ask me where I found all of this, I just did.

You may have heard of their name, you may have not. But I am almost sure you have heard their voice and if you read any of my posts, you will know. The songs they have sang include the openings for Ore Imo, Irony, Puella Magi Madoka, Connect and the latest one, the ending for Nisemonogatari, Naisho no Hanashi. Which goes to show that they have made their impact on the anime world.

They also made an impact on my ears and heart!

You may wonder what I find so special about them to respect them so much. First and the most obvious, they have exceedingly good singing voices. If you have heard any of their songs you can tell. They have strong voice and they use it to their advantage.

My next target, hopefully I will get it by this weekend =D

Secondly, for a duo, their voices harmonises so well that when the first time I heard them, I thought it was only just one singer. When I found out there were two, I was dumbfounded for a few minutes. It is not often you get to see singers working together so well. I mean, it is not your usual rapping music where the chorus and rapping part are by different people and they call that a duet. I cannot really explain it really well, so just listen to their songs.

If only my life was as awesome as theirs... or maybe they have it more stressful than me?

Finally and the biggest reason, they are more or less the exact same age as me. And they are already doing what I can only think of. Not even dream of. Two girls, my age, are already huge hits as singers and can choose to be performers but no. For the sake of their studies, they remain anonymous so that they can juggle both work and well, work.

You can ask Free and Cyborg... I get hyped up talking about them... (fan-boy)

So if you have not heard them yet, go listen. I strongly advice and force you to. I respect them both as singers and as fellow teens, seeing I cannot really juggle between studies and fun. Since I cannot dream of being as great singers as them, I want to dream of meeting them. But not as a crazed fan (that comes in later) but as a fellow teen asking, “How on earth do you manage to do it?”

Closest real life picture you can get, found on their twitter.... I want to meet them...

So by some miracle they manage to read this, I have only one thing to say, “あなたのうたうはすごくすごおいです ” and maybe add “わたしはストカじゃない!” Actually I have a lot more, but my limited knowledge of Japanese prevents me from doing so. Have you heard of ClariS, if so what do you think of them? Please tell me in the comments below. So as I promised one moe picture, guess what? I’m giving away 3!



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  1. I like them

  2. I love their songs i first listened to their song irony . I too thought that it was only one singer at first . But i searched online i came to know that they were two singers . Their voices are almost same . I still can’t distinguish between those two voices

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