Guilty Crown Original Soundtrack by Hiroyuki Sawano

The Cover Art of the Album

And here it is, the soundtrack I’ve been waiting for ever since the anime was labeled to be one of the best animes of its season. Certainly it went off with some amazing graphic displays suited for every anime and of course, with redjuice as the original character designer, it certainly had the prospect of being one. The anime doesn’t cater to everyone, but as Cyborg and the rest of us are concerned, it’s all about your perception. And in that respect, I believe I wouldn’t be flaming someone when I said that I preferred this than the likes of animes like Naruto and Bleach. First and foremost this is my first ever anime music review so I humbly apologize that my opinions may end up being mediocre but it’s just the way I roll.

Now on to the main topic, I certainly didn’t expect animes to feature songs that are not sung in Japanese, and having the tribal feel to the songs shaked me up a bit and as a result I constantly checked if I really had the right soundtrack. Turns out that the songs featured around 7 singers excluding Chelly and Koeda, since ryo wasn’t very much on this one. With Bios being the first on the list certainly pulled me along with the flow of the song, knowing fully that I can’t resist to most rock songs, and this song was certainly one of them. What a great way to show how good the songs were, Sawano!

Here’s the tracklist if you do get confused with German characters and the like.


1. βios BIOS
2. α ALPHA
4. Ready to Go READY TO GO
5. friends FRIENDS
7. gエ19 GHQ
8. θεοι TEOI
9. close your eyes CLOSE YOUR EYES
10. Βασιλευζ BASHIREUSU
11. π PIE
12. Release My Soul RELEASE MY SOUL
13. κrOnё KRONE
14. Hill Of Sorrow HILL OF SORROW
15. Αποκσλυψιζ APOCALYPSE
16. Home〜this corner〜 HOME IN THIS CORNER
17. Genesi§ GENESIS
18. βιοζ-δ <feat.Mika Kobayashi> BIOS DELTA
19. Rё∀L REAL

How the CD looks like. Ain't pretty but what matters is the songs inside, no?

What can I say? Every song in the album is either sung in German, English and in certain languages that I couldn’t really identify since I’m not multilingual. The downside of this soundtrack is that there’s hardly any japanese in it. On the other hand, the songs sound good and we get the feel of how good a collaboration between certain languages can be. Some are played without vocals as well, and the instrumental totally makes up for that. Well actually, either with vocals or without it, the song arrangement is top notch and almost none of them ever really disappointed me. Sawano really made a big hit with this one. With him and ryo together collaborating Guilty Crown certainly holds the acclaim for having such nice songs to listen to whenever and wherever.


Remember this scene?

Well as with every other anime soundtrack they have their fair share of artworks and wonderful scans. To be honest if you’ve ever heard the Modern Warfare 2 Soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer and liked it, this would be perfect for you provided if you were the type that is pretty diverse with music. Basileus/Bashireusu, Hill Of Sorrow as well as BIOS turned out to be one of my favourites for this one. Certainly different from other anime soundtracks which I’ve heard in terms of its diversity. Again, this is the music to listen to for audiophiles.

The Back Cover of the Soundtrack

And what better way to top it all of with a nice backdrop!


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