Wait, there are Girls? (Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou Episode 4 Review)

Now, what can a show almost completely comedy do to make sure that the same thing does not seem to happen over and over again? They go to a completely new premise and level of insanity.

Uh... Yes... this is... insanity... a whole new level....

Fortunately for us, that is exactly what Nichibros do for us! They take it up to the next level. Wait! What are girls doing in my manly anime about school life?

My gawd... girls! Wow... and here I was thinking it would be a sausage fest

Comedy shows cannot seem repetitive if not the viewers will lose interest, so it was a really good thing that they decided to go to a completely new direction, they add in girls to the mix, but first, they trolled us.

U Mad Bro?

For the majority of the episode was about it was about a combined school festival between Sanada East High all-girls school and Sanada North High all-boys school. A few things caught my eyes. 1) A whole group of cat girls and 2) They did the haunted house a little bit too well cause if I was there, I would be screaming and/or faint.

Yes don't mind me and my dangling guts and organs spilling out...

The whole fight scene it was already obvious the girl would win. Because punching a girl will not only make you a molester, you will lose all respect you have among guys. Though slapping with good reason is allowed. Spoken like a true immature teen…

I seriously expected her to do a cool wrestling move on him

Most of this episode is surprisingly about high school boys and girls! Wow no one saw that coming as well right? This might piss of some of the female readers and I hope not, but are girls really like that in real life? Of course not, right?

That girl sure has some big ego issues... are all of them so petty? *gets shot*

From the portrayal of what the girls are like, the characteristics that we get to see are that they are violent, rowdy have no sense of appropriateness and ego issues while guys are neat, tidy and truly gentlemen. Wow, if only real life was like that.

But what is real is guys holding their tongues really well when it comes to girls

But after seeing the show from a boy’s perspective for so long when they turned to the girl’s perspective, they opened up so many opportunities for jokes. However, I am very satisfied that they did not have to go into sexual humor. They did the well-played of move to keep up the slapstick humor and that move in my opinion is a good thing as this show would have a different kind of view already.

Shoot me if you may, but I had a short lived K-ON!! moment. *BANG*

I mean, it is a show about high school boys, they do not talk about sex that much, just… not in front of other people that it becomes noticeable. Overall I have to say the new direction which the comedy is going is done well, though I am sure we will be heading back to the old way soon, but we will definitely see more of the Sanada East Girls.

Nothing is more awesome than a double troll!

Great show and a really good way to relax after a long day at school. Yes the irony, watching a show about school life for me to stop thinking of my own. So see for the Papakiki post! Until then, moe picture!

I told you I had a K-ON moment....

And K-ON moments are meant to be relived


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