Heart Warming and Heart Melting (Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Episode 4 Review)

Something I really need to remind myself whenever I watch this show. Those girls are just 3, 10 and 14. Despite their looks, they are still kids and this episode pretty much reminded me of this whole point.

"That's long!" That's what she said... *gets shot immediately*

I have to say Yuuta is a really lucky guy, I mean waking up with Sora hugging your arm? That is just, so damn lucky.

Lucky dude... he is living the dream!

I have to say that those girls dress a little too elaborately for night time. Those clothes they wear are really fashionable do not seem to be something girls in real life sleep in. For eye candy, those cloths are really nice, but for going to sleep, they seem kind of impractical, but I am really just nitpicking. I like my show realistic that’s all, but moe is definitely higher priority so no complains there.

Seems a little too elaborate to sleep in.

So far I have learnt some things about young girls. Once they feel uncomfortable changing around guys and having guys change around them, weird. I mean taking off a shirt is not much, I mean guys do not have anything to hide on our chests right? Then I finally get the whole 1 hour thing. I guess it has more to do with the girls feeling uncomfortable about it than my initial theory of that time of the month.

Young girls and their issues...

For Hina, she really is the loli of the show and where much cuteness ooze out from. I mean just look at her expression when she is hungry, as a friend of Twitter said, “My heart melted twice. Hina~~” And yes you feel as if your heart is really melting from all that cuteness. A person who dares to hit a girl like that will burn in hell, just saying.

Heart Melt 1

I have to say this episode focuses mostly on the fact that the girls are still young after all and are not as great as they seem. Although they might seem a lot more mature that most children these days, they are still kids and still struggle with doing things like cleaning the house and cooking. I mean, Miu behaves and talks so maturely, but still have urges to draw cute stuff on the wall.

Kids will be kids... Lemmie go decorate my wall too!

Then there is the awkwardness for Yuuta sharing his house with 3 girls and the complications that come with it. The girls are obviously really grateful for him keeping them together and all, but they definitely feel uncomfortable living with a guy. I mean look at all their reactions with the little things like washing clothes. Is it really such a big deal? I may be a guy and all, but I honestly do not see the whole point of being so apprehensive about that.

So many issues.... Good luck Yuuta!

The girls actions make me realize why their parents owned such a big house in the first place. It gives their Dad a lot more breathing space to prevent any awkward moments. Not to mention other toilets to use when the toilets are having their 1 hour cool down time. Must be tough to be a father of 3 girls and Yuuta is going to have it a lot worse as other problems like puberty and boyfriends pop up.

Heart Melt 2

I have to say that Sako-senpai creeps even me out. Which says a lot seeing that I am already creepy to a rather large extent. Come on determining that there is a young girl hanging around you just because of the way you smell. Is the pure aroma of the angel really that obvious? He is freaky to a great extent.

Totally not a loli-con, when he meets the girls, it should be interesting...

For once I have to say that I am hoping to Raika more. I am curious to see what her character is really like. I did not notice much about her in the first episode but now I am a lot more curious about her.

She seems, interesting....

I have to say that it is both a really heartwarming and heart melting show, hence the name of the post. The way Yuuta is already behaving like a father is respectable. He behaves more maturely than the average 19 year old who you see on the streets. I mean if I am 19 I would spend my time lazing around, not taking care of three girls.

Everyday would be awesome if a cute girl says "Itterashai!" and "Okaerinasai" to you.

So that is more or less it. Wow again I did such a long post. Tehepero! Oh well, as usual enjoy your moe picture!

Final K-ON picture... for today ^.^


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