Mother of God… (Black Rock Shooter Episodic – Episode 1)

Awwww yeah

As stated in the post title, this is a first impression of the recently aired Black Rock Shooter anime. The first episode aired yesterday and I jumped straight onto WordPress the instant I was done with it. I’ve been waiting for this anime to air for a while now and that fact they decided to release it 1 month after all the others had aired to build hype didn’t help of course.


Truth to be told, I have no idea what the main concept of the plot is. Of course I can spout some random philosophical bullshit (which I have thought of), it mostly revolves around a mysterious girl known as Black Rock Shooter who seems to be a part of Mato Kuroi, a high schooler. In the OVA, Mato “becomes” Black Rock Shooter to find her friend, Yomi, who has been possessed by Dead Master, another spirit, much like Black Rock Shooter (I think). In the anime, the same seems to be happening except now with more characters and a slight variation to the plot.

Of course they're Yuri in this post

So to sum that all up, this is the official beginning to my Black Rock Shooter episodic and my first impressions post of it.

Graphics wise, it lived up to my expectation. The action sequence at the beginning was incredibly cool and menacing (which of course was the intention). Then comes the animation of the characters which were done superbly. I love the detail they put into the character’s eyes. I’m also loving being able to see a hooded Black Rock shooter.

Oh yeah

The plot is really interesting (as always) and slightly confusing (just like the OVA). I actually have little idea of the connection between Black Rock Shooter and Mato Kuroi.  The OVA showed that they are 2 separate entities that become one to help Mato find Yomi so I’m guessing it’s the same for the anime. However, I do think the anime started off well with enough unanswered questions and a sufficient cliffhanger to make the viewers want more. The whole concept of jealousy with the new character (Kagari also known as Chariot) is rather intriguing especially since Dead Master (Yomi) seems to be on her side in the other world.

Currently, I’m eagerly awaiting seeing Strength and Black Gold Saw. It’s a pity the show will only have 8 episodes.

And now for the episodic bit.

To tell the truth, I still have no idea how to do a true episodic. But hell, I’m going to do it like I always have.

We begin the episode with Black Rock Shooter lying on a ton of random spikes spewing out of the ground, surrounding a massive pit in the ground with a red eye at the bottom. It’s probably symbolic to refer to Kazari (Chariot) as she goes around to blow it to pieces with the weapon that takes her name.

I apologize for this pic. My laptop went all pear-shaped taking this one with VLC snapshot

Then transit to the real world!!! Mato has just entered her first day in High School and meets Yomi. And she decides she want to become close friends with her. I’m going to cut out some of the detail here but we get to see Yuu ( Strength) when Mato tries out for the Basketball team and have some interesting encounters. Particularly with the school counselor. However, the main event was Mato finding out that Yomi also loves a book she loves, the Little Bird of Many Many colours and uses it as a pretext to go to Yomi’s house to see the older version of the book.

What a curious book

However, Kazari (Chariot) comes in to ruin the party. Kazari seems obsessed with keeping Yomi to herself only and attempts to make Mato leave. And of course Mato is upset and has a nice chat with the school counselor to realize something important. Lots of Yuri hints around here of course. All in all, a great starter ep, especially with the cut scenes to the fighting between Black Rock Shooter (Mato) and Chariot (Kazari) to kinda depict what is happening in real life.

So creepy

Chat with the counselor ^.^

Well, now that the text is outta the way, time for pic spam!!!!

What a curious place to be in...

..then blam, rammed by Chariot

No retreat!!!

Never falter in the face of the enemy!! Blast back with the Black Rock Shooter!!!

a whole new meaning to grinding

I heard y'all liked Megane Dead Master

Epic Pose. And epic ED music and sequence

Bravery in the face of massive explosion?

What an epic shot

And that’s all for this post!!


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