Racoon Dog and a Rabbit with Magic Eyes (InuxBoku SS Episode 4 Review)

Once again, we are back with more tsundere action with our lady Ririchiyo and her trusty steed, Soushi. We get to see new characters this time and I have to say, “Unique” is a word to describe them. And please prepare yourself for a spammage of moe Ririchiyo moments.

Glasses fetish people feel free to go crazy.

This episode is a race to get as many autographs as possible and the process to getting the autographs are a great eye candy. Just saying.

My reaction is close to Nobara's

We get to see the new characters at last. But before that, we get to see more tsundere-ness from out lovely Ririchiyo, who seems to be warming up a lot more to her SS agent even going so far to agree holding his hand. And then… Ririchiyo in a bath… *nosebleeds!*

I'm not sure if I can survive to the end of the post.

Wow, sometime despite being so smart, you really have to feel sorry for her for not even knowing what “love” is. Honestly I do not think she even needs a bunny with magic eyes to tell her that. Heck anyone can tell her that if she just asks. And there is no pun intended with the whole bunny thing, just saying.

Weird bunny dude behaves like a pedo.... pedo-bunny?

Now what would happen if two clashing egos clash? Let me guess, stupidity? So the new character is Watanuki Banri and the creature he turns into is a? Yes, as everyone expected from a self-proclaimed delinquent, he turns into a tanuki. In other words, a raccoon spirit. A cute one at that!

Look at that cuuute little thang! (yes read this in that accent)

His SS agent is Zange Natsume. We have no idea what he transforms into but I am inclined to say something bunny related. But what is a 100 Eyes Creature? Does it look like a bunny? But I have to say he seems kind of suspicious. But again he does not seem to be a antagonist for now, however we do not know about that in the future. Cause either Soushi has something to hide, or Natsume has an evil intent.

Something deep is going on...

This episode may be about a Walk Rally, but I guess it serves to show off all the side characters. (that caught my eye, not the freaky maids or cook) Which I will now run through before giving my thoughts about the episode. Hope that I keep to the plan for once. I will also establish with this who is likely to be on the side of the antangonists.

There was no other better screenshot.... =D

If it is not established yet, Nobara is a complete pervert who has young girl fetishes and when given a chance I think she would sexually assaul Ririchiyo, just saying. But she to have a logical side as well as seen the last episode so I think she is an “okay” character and is definitely with the good guys. Her Youkai form is that of a snow woman (Yuki-onna) as established on the first episode. Plus she is voiced by Hikasa Youko… Yay!

Paint has to be the most fun thing to make pictures with.

Chino, or “maid #1 that Ririchiyo meets” turns out to be a “koro-pok-kuru which are a race of tiny people. She is the well-endowed character and manages to burn Ririchiyo really badly in terms of figure. Voiced by Toyosaki Aki, and the character that let us hear Aki’s loli voice, *nosebleed* and with the good guys most likely. And god… her Youkai form is cute.

Having a person like this for a girlfriend would be cool, just saying

Then Karuta, the quiet moe girl who loves to eat and the kind that will never grow fat. In other words, my kind of girl ^^. Personally, her personality is personally my personal favourite. Sadly as usual, this kind of girls do not exist IRL. Her Youkai form is a “Gashadokuro” (Large skeleton). Even sadder, she is on the dark side seeing that her client is the antagonist (Spoiler). Hopefully, I will be wrong. Cause I like this character. Her figures are going to be interesting to see.

She would be the ideal girlfriend, just do not make her angry... but still like her ^^

And that is all the side character I am interested in. Yes, I know that I only chose the female characters and the ones voiced by my favourite seiyuu, but guess what? I like it. If you do not, tell me who you want me to describe.

ooo..... BURN!

Basically, this episode is about new chracters and Banri hitting on Karuta. You are lucky you are behind the 2D barrier dude, really lucky… but seeing that she is a big ass skeleton, I do not think she needs a racoon dog to protect her. That and Natsume being a really, really suspicious character who I have my doubts about.

No I did not edit the screenshot, why did you ask?

My thoughts about this anime so far are that although people might say that the design of the show is overused. I feel that the premise of this show is really different. No tsun dere this time but a tsun shun, something you do not see often. Plus I find the addition of Youkai really interesting and opened up the world of Japanese supernatural stories, which I freaked out myself reading the stories. So even though this show is “not done well” I will say I enjoyed it and if it keeps up, I will give it the 10/10 score.

Weeeeeee! Wow, I am high!

So next episode, I really want to see some action. Sure the slice-of-life themes are nice, but the chance to see Karuta’s Youkai form coupled with Hanakana’s scary voice is just too tempting.

I ran out of things to say

I know this has been a really long post and I thank you if you have read until here. I put a lot of effort into this post and I hope you guys will enjoy it! Please, please comment your thoughts, I want to know. Do you want to learn more about Youkai? Until then, moe picture.

The up and coming Valentine's Day is making me emo... sorry bout that.


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  1. Ririchiyo is cute, she should tempt lolicon more

    Ah, lolicon…
    writing your signature in blood…

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