Otaku’s With(Out) Friends?

So after a long talk to Cyborg in a really boring math lesson, I have somewhat thought out my “writer’s flair” and will test it out on this post. So please, give me your opinions on the way it’s written and the things that are both good and/or bad.

Friends, we all need them... Who else to cry/yell/quarrel with?

Now to the post! Firstly, what is the classic stereotype of most Otaku people have? Simple, they do not have many friends. That statement is true to a certain extent, cause most people do not share this interest and if you think a person’s interest is weird, there is no way that you will become friends with him. Most of the time.

Unless you know really excepting people (I have met a few) you will be lucky if you meet people who are all “meh” about you being Otaku. However, most of the time you will be met with scorn and/or making fun of and/or laughed at. As I valiantly became the test subject for my hypothesis, let’s just say that the results completely proved that most (of my) classmates do not support Otaku-ism and that I had my wits snapped and ego crushed.

Band together and staying strong

So, if it is extremely hard to find someone willing to even bear with your Otaku-ness, let alone your full-blown fanboy/girl explosions, what is the obviously better solution? Find people who share this interest with you! I will now slightly bore you with a story of how I made my currently 2 close Otaku friends. Sadly, LessThanFree does not count himself as an Otaku, just a “person interested in anime”. So obviously the first person would be Cyborg.

Strangely enough, I was in the same class with Cyborg since last year, but we hardly talked to each other and the first time I actually had a conversation with him was when I overheard (eavesdropped) him talking about anime stuff to another fellow. Sadly again, the guy he was talking to is not even interested in anime. But I just grabbed my guts and asked him if he watched anime and he said yes. At that time I was still watching Fairy Tail etc and the only classic anime kind that I watched was K-ON! We started introducing/discussing anime to each other and soon I was writing on the blog and you can more or less guess what happened next.

The second Otaku that I have befriended had a much longer and complicated process. Its Aurey the first guy I actually befriended over the internet. I know, it took me that long to actually do that. Being a seiyuu nut and all, I wanted to read what their blogs said. Being a big Hiyocchi fan, I found the translation to her blog, ran by Aurey and commented on it. From comments to twitter and now Skype. So thank you internet, you let me meet nicer people than the ones I usually see in real life.

Hiyocchi!~ ❤

Those stories are not just there for nothing, the point is that although you may have a weird hobby, you can always meet like-minded people either in real life or the internet. Though I have to admit, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sugunai. Still, quality over quantity.

If you make friends with people with the same interests, it allows you to feel a lot more at ease with yourself. Take Ore Imo for example. Kirino only felt more at ease with herself after making friends. So… If even the popular girl needs friends with the same interests, so for a poor socially awkward person like me, I definitely do. So in a way, this post is meant to be a way for me to thank them as well, so Cyborg, Aurey-senpai, hontoni hontoni arigatou gozaimasu!

Take Cyborg and I, if we both did not meet each other, InterestSoap will be a lot more empty and both of us would not have gotten deep into the anime trap-hole and not experience the greatness of an Otaku friendship. So, if you no friend, you go internet find friends. Cause most real life people who are non-Otaku are mostly asses to Otakus. (Experience says a lot)

Would you say as an Otaku, you have many friends? If you do, how many are Otakus themselves? Are you out of the Otaku closet and everyone you meet knows that?

Ah.... Don't you feel sweet and happy now? Side note, are you S (Ritsu) or M (Mio)?


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  1. Aah, yes, the stereotype. It is true that otaku are generally antisocial, but I’ve never understood why people think it’s because of anime that people degrade them. All my friends know I love anime, but it’s not like anime defines me. I don’t watch only anime (and I’m sure anyone reading this has a variety of other interests as well) and they know that. If you act like any other guy, I don’t see why things should be any different. It’s just our little escape from reality – everyone has one. As long as anime doesn’t define your very personality, you’re good.

    True friends are hard to come by. Ones that share the same interests are nigh impossible. But then again, isn’t that the fun in life 😉 ?

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