Guys Look Pathetic this Episode! (Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou Episode 5 Review)

So, Nichibros is back again and as usual it is funny. God, I need a new way to start this post. How about, this show is absolutely spiffing? No?

This show can only remain serious for about 5 seconds

Anyway, the jokes are good as usual but I guess talking about the entire thing for the entire posts seems to get boring. Though I will attempt to do so.

Certain pictures with certain subtitles are just unexplainable

High School Boys and the Dub

The poor sad forever along guys (not me, right?) just spotted a group of girls doing random “girl’s” stuff. And what do they do? They stare creepily and give weird voiceovers. I have to admit. Guys do that sometimes. We sort of stare and guess what on earth the person we stare at (Victim) is thinking. It is more of a stoned look (to guys) but to girls, it’s the look of a pervert. Sigh… and girls and stare at guys all they want. (Sexual inequality)

The face of defeated teenage boys

High School Boys and Seniority

Teenage boys/High School Boys are supposed to be manly right? Bravely taking any insults and protecting their friends? Well… that’s a non-existent stereotype. Cause guys get bullied all the time, not just by older sisters and her friends. The lists includes (but not limited to) small kids, old people, adults and other teens. In other words, most (not all) teenage boys are M.

He's not going to survive with his dignity intact

High School Boys and the Savior

Guys all have this honor thing where we respect the pride of our fellow man and are willing to be bashed for it (by the same fellow man). Girls however do not get this and end up with a definite facepalm moment. *smack* Though everything in the show is a just portrayal right?

They will finish in 3 hours, if you know what I mean.

High School Boys and Old Friends

For us guys, one of the most awkward thing that can happen is meet up with an old friend and what does he have? A girlfriend in toll. Not only do you feel the pain of being alone, your friend has to start talking all sorts of awkward stuff in front of her. What do you do? Squirm and try to drop him the hint. Does not help if his girlfriend has a death glare. The show might twist this around to make this “entertaining”, but in reality, this is one of the worst moments with meeting old pals. That or having too many face-desk moments.

Your soul is mine!

High School Boys and the Biography of a Hero

Wow, your reaction if you realised your childhood hero turned out to be your goofy friend. That would be both really funny and painful. But then on a less carefree note, this means that your friends could/should have helped you without you knowing. That or they were the ones bullying you when you were saying. The possibilities of both (or just the latter) are there. PS, Canon in D is awesome!

I proudly admit I can do that with a rubber band!

High School Boys and the Literary Girl 3

I only want to say something quick about this. Guys (and/or girls), please do not attempt to be “cool”. You look and natural and a total joke (like me!) and that is (not) a good thing. Somehow the casual stuff we say seems so much cooler to the ladies than the things painfully (and creatively) think up of (which end up getting treated as jokes).

Fail? Trolled? I spend too long on the internet?

High School Girls are Funky

Not bad, they actually went with that idea (no idea what idea) and make the K-ON! Reference! A girl band heading to London, have I dreamt of seeing that before? Second, guys with visible scars (nope heartbreaks do not count) or handicaps are immune to getting bullied. Cause you unleash the greatest weapon on girls, guilt. So normal guys, you know what to do. Make them feel GUILTY (as charged) and no, I was not planning on telling you to scar yourself.

For some reason, I prefer K-ON!...

So this should be the normal format for Nichibros from now on. Hope you enjoy it and I hope/pray that you will tell me your opinions. Until then, (or the next episodic), I bestow upon you the greatest gift of all. Moe pictures!

I knew it, K-ON is the best of all!


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