I Told You this Aint Moe-blob! (Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Episode 5 Review)

Hah! I get to say it at last! Just like a K-ON reviewer back in the day I get to say those words. This show aint (just) a moe blob, pardon my dreadful engrish.

Suuuure.... Bad luck.....

The themes in it are not all light and fluffy and the characters are not one dimensional. All this is in my opinion only ok? Not yours, mine. ^^;

Imagine going home and this exact scene is happening IRL

The main focus of this episode is obviously Sora who goes to get Yuuta his phone. But in between we get to see some moe, because as far as my (not so good) opinions go, a cute girl show has/must show of their cute girls. It’s like a pirate without the eye patch and the parrot! (Wait… What??)

Cute girls make cute things like cute dresses look cutely cute.

I am sure that this has happened to you before. Just because you do not want to worry someone, you forge on ahead bravely/stupidy and end up worrying that person even more. It’s a pride thing again, you do not want to appear weak in front of the guy you like. (right Sora?)

Only girls look cute being afraid of thunder.... and yes... I am piss-ass(?) afraid of thunder

The show is shaping up as well as the girls as they grow up. (Just saying) Like we get to see all those back stories that when compared to the past, we can get a better idea of what happened before that. Seeing that they have (exceeding lot of) time, I guess it is expected. Now the whole part of showing Yuuta helping Sora in the past is known as “fore-shadowing” (feels really proud). Woops, literature students have this kind of issues.

Puppy-dog eyes, can... not... resist

But it is sweet nonetheless that we see some progression for the whole Yuuta and Sora thing. But there is definitely no chance whatsoever that they will get together. If they do I will be completely/completely freaked out slightly. They can get close and all, but there has to be the part when Yuuta says that he does not like her. That will be an interesting episode to watch indeed.

For now, look off into the sunset

Wow, the meeting that I dread the most is slowly crawling closer. Sako-senpai’s meeting with the three girlies. That will be the scariest episode of all. Though it might not happen (hopefully). The freak out meter is exploding. Though his skill to determine the girl’s look from her voice is something I want, I mean it would be useful in so many ways. (pero pero) If you did not notice, they made a small “tehepero” cameo. Hyocchi, your influence is spreading!

I feel so happy for Hyocchi and happy that I managed to catch that. てへぺろ (・ω<)

As always, there has to be some scene with Hina being all moe and cute and fluffly like a little butterfly. But I guess it is really completely hopeless for us to see some character development from Hina. But as usual my reasoning is that she is still a kid. A time skip will be fun to look at, all the girls grown-up and ready to break hears. </3

But for now she will cute us to death

Yuuta’s lack of “delicacy”. Miu’s catchphrase that is totally (and completely)  true. I think I might change the way I live/behave if I live with 3 girls. I guess being a single dude living in a single room makes habits that are hard to change. Such as, things a guy does alone most of the time. (If you know what I mean)

Dun ask. Dun say anything.

And something new I seen that I have never seen in an anime before. An anime which actually mentions a seiyuu as a character! It’s like inception. It would be funny to see that seiyuu go, “I am the seiyuu for a seiyuu character!” and watch the epic faces of the listeners. My great idea is this. They should make a slice-of-life anime featuring seiyuus. Then you can have things like Hikasa Youko voiced be… Hikasa Youko. It would be the coolest thing ever! And if it does come true, it would be aweshum!

Seiyuus are an interesting bunch eh?

By the way, the ending is… trippy. It cannot be unseen, excuse me for a moment while I wash my (eye)-balls.

What the heck is going on???

Papakiki mangages to balance both cuteness and touching, so therefore with the above reasons, I can say to a great extent that Papakiki is not a moe-blob. That should get me some good marks! Maybe a moe picture ensures I get an A?

The greatness of ready-made moe


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