Mashiro Iro Symphony : The Colour Of Lovers (Another Visual Novel Adapted Anime)

Take Your Pick!

Well I haven’t posted in a while so I had a thought on making a review on this particular anime on a whim, since I’m not privileged with time nowadays. Indeed we have seen familiar anime titles commonly adapted from Visual Novels and based on that fact, I’m here to again, share a particular Visual Novel Adapted Anime of which popular titles like Clannad, Da Capo and Amagami SS  cemented their success in the production line. Romance? Absolutely Present. Slice Of Life? Totally.

As some of you readers might have known, the anime series, Mashiro Iro Symphony, premiered on October 5 2010, which was last year, was your run-of-the-mill type of storyline. Such examples include.. Well… Love and a whole emotional wreck for those who consider this anime genres like these lacklustre. It may be the case for some, but heck, it’s good to me at least, and as heartbreaking for some of the characters whom you may have grown to love.

Some 'moe'-ness from the heroines

Well, on to the story now. So the male protagonist Uryuu Shingo with his sister, Uryuu Sakuno have just been transferred to an All-Girls School which decided to make arrangements to merge its school with theirs to form a mixed school. Apparently Shingo and his younger sister were one of the ones chosen to take part in the process of the merger. And of course, knowing girls ( XD ), they obviously wouldn’t agree to that. So no Yuri for you, Cyborg. Do allow me to introduce the heroines, well the major ones.

Airi Sena, my favourite!

Sena Airi, my favourite of the 3 main heroines involved in the love triangle at the start, at first hated the idea of having guys in her school (possible Yuri perhaps since she initially hated guys) but eventually changed that perception having seen how kind us guys can be, thanks to warm-hearted but very dense Shingo.

Hate to see Sana Cry, But I find this fitting to her sadness in the anime

Inui Sana, another Tsundere which is as good as any other. Definitely not like Senjougahara, of course! Anyway, her love for Shingo was ever so one-sided that its really heartbreaking to see her suffer most of the time quietly, if not, crying in pain along with Airi. Well not that I’m an emotional dude, this sort of show can really bring tears to those who love romance drama shows like this. Anyway, if you have a thing for Tsunderes, she’s a good one. Just expect really heartbreaking stuff for some of you.

Amaha Miu

Amaha Miu, a soft and gentle upperclassmen who cares for her pet Pannya ( which squeals Uryuu for some reason ) and her loved ones deeply, was probably the main reason in the build up to Sana’s jealousy and Sadness. She is a year older than the rest of the cast, including Shingo, excluding his younger sister Sakuno. Her soft nature resulted in capturing Shingo’s heart and with that, you know what happens.

Uryuu Sakuno

Now that I’ve finally got the introductions out of the way, time for my opinions on this anime. Again, I have to compare this between other romance anime out there. Although this will probably bore the life out of others, it surely brings forward to what I love in most romance animes : Slice of life, Drama and more importantly, the romance itself. It’s romance has little fanservice and more focused widely on its drama and its romantic genre. All in all, this is a short, however sweet romance anime that I would recommend to those out there who love such genres. It’s a really good anime, so long as you’re not the one who thinks these shows are lacklustre. For some avid nico nico viewers, the OP for this anime introduces Choucho as the singer for Mashiro Iro’s OP : Authentic Symphony. She was previously doing covers in nico nico before stepping up to sing a song for an anime serie following previous successful nico nico singers such as Yanagi Nagi. Hopefully we get to see more of the like in the future!

Now, on to some Mashiro Iro goodness!

And I just love Airi. The rest as well of course.

I didn't say there wasn't ANY fanservice!

Another Cover Art Illustration



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