If You See this Post and Click, You’re M!

You know how in most blog posts people tend to add a picture to catch attention. (Cyborg) So, not really my style but this picture was enough to made me have cardiac arrest (really really excited), so it’s going up!

Things like this cannot be seen IRL....

InuxBoku SS, so far you have been too enjoyable and fun to watch. I don’t care if people feel that you’re an over-used idea, I’m talking to a show so I have to watch you now.

How long will she get before she realises she likes him~

This episode has to be the greatest comedy I have seen in a while. Nothing except for great hinting happens at the start for the great epicness that is about to be unfold. And by great, I mean insane. We get to see Shoshi’s old master and apparently Ririchiyo’s fiancé, Shoukiin Kageroum, who like Ririchiyo, has a demon warrior Youkai form.

Best shot I can get, plus I'm lazy

At first I expected him to be the evil dude and all, but wow, actually he is just completely crazy in a slightly dark way. Though he could be putting on an act, but he seems like a character built to make people stare at and wonder what goes on in his head. Need an example? I can give you a few. Ririchiyo might be Shoushi’s “master” as he is her SS agent. But Kagerou goes a little bit too far in the whole “master” idea with Karuta. Though I cannot say I violently object his methods. Though he seems to take pleasure in insulting people. “Sex toy” is a really interesting insult.


Then he goes on to the whole “S” and “M” thing. If you did not know yet, S means sadistic and you take pleasure in teasing/mocking while M means masochist which means you take the teasing/mocking. Apparently Kagerou can tell whether you are “S” or “M” just by looking at you. And by “you”, he means every possible thing.

You read this caption. "S"!!

He will only be here for a few episodes here and there since he disappears at the end of the episode. But since he does not take Karuta along with him, which makes things so much happier for me. Just by purely her character and voice, she’s my favourite. Something about her just seems… fluffy. (No sense was made in that sentence) It might be the fact she’s always munching on something, I think I can get why Nobara is so crazy about her. I know I am.


I would say that I would prefer more action in this show, but the slice-of-life parts are rather enjoyable seeing. To me, I would say that this show is highly enjoyable and I would recommend it to you if you like randomness once in a while. This episode is a living proof of that. They just took something completely random and made an episode of it.  So if you don’t like that, I would advise you to drop the show.

Because things like this happens often

So far we have completely no plot progression  except for a hint of a problem that can occur in the future. Other than that we have nothing. Or rather I really have no idea what to say. Now for a random thought. Why does Kagerou need a SS agent? He just seemed to enjoy fooling around with her and she just accepts it. So the relationship between them is more of mad guy and side-kick than SS agent and client. But god, I love Karuta… And one last thing. The ED just sounds weird to me. (yes that’s all) OK maybe not all. The whole credits part with the “S” and “M” was really interesting.

So hopefully I will think of more things to discuss, but it is kind of hard to think of something since its mostly comedy this time so really sorry about that. As usual, moe picture! And this time it does have something to do with the post.



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