Rollercoaster emotions


Velvet Kiss. If you said that name to me about a month ago, I would have suddenly turned all emo and kinda sad as I would have remembered a particular chapter that played with my heart like it was a musical instrument.

And now as you Google it, you’ll find put that it’s an ero manga (yep, still reading ero manga). So you might be wondering how the hell that happened huh?

What an erotic cover eh

As I’ve said in a previous post where I spoke of my ero manga history, Velvet Kiss is by far my favourite one thus far. It managed to fuse all that I wanted into a single literary work that just messes with your mood. It’s got a good plot (In my opinion of course), excellent art (Harumi Chihiro is really good), rather dynamic characters and plenty of angst mixed in with tons of problems and misunderstanding. The ero is of course, real good too.


As of now, which is whenever I finally decide to click Publish, Velvet Kiss has 27 chapters in English (I’m unsure about how many have been released though, just how many are in a language unread fluently). This really isn’t a review as much as my impressions of it thus far.

Of course, that can be summed up in a phrase “I’m loving this”. If a work of fiction can affect your mood that much after a chapter, I think that says something about it. Of course, this is all subjective. By no means is it “good”, I just happen to like it (Refer to my other post again).

I would be totally M for her

I began reading Velvet Kiss when I went to Soba Scans site for new chapters of Hana No Iro. Being me, when I didn’t find a new chapter, I got bored and began browsing their other projects. Velvet Kiss stood out from amongst them. The art of it shown as well as its name made it rather noticeable so following my mantra “Why the hell not?”, I downloaded the first 3 volumes and marathon read them.

Nitta is a bit like me. We're both kinda thick and insensitive with our words ~.~

And then he goes and gets a "girlfriend"

I thought the first chapter was rather bland and I began to worry if I just downloaded for random H like Tayu Tayu. But I read on anyway as it was the weekends and Modern Warfare 3 was updating. From chapter 3 onwards, Velvet Kiss started picking up, becoming more angsty and complicated with the different aspects of characters coming into fore. (Kano~!!!!)

Kano and her wonderful twintails

Sleepy dere dere~

Of course, my favourite character is Kanoko and she’s one of the most complicated characters I’ve ever read in manga. Of course, other manga have made me grow to care and worry about the character but never has a manga did that in the short span of around 5 chapters into the story.

Their relationship is complicated to say the least

As much as I’ll like to, I won’t spoil the story. This is a impressions post, not one discussing the plot. I can only say that I would very much like a happy ending as things can only go up when it’s rock bottom right.

I still think the art is top notch and I really love the style. The plot has been deep enough to capture my attention completely and I check for a new chapter every day. I did think that the plot might turn out to be shallow and superficial but I’m happy to be wrong. This is probably going to one of my favourite manga of all time.

Yes, a bunch of the rage moments then some of the emo ones

I wouldn’t recommend this to most people though. Not only is it H but the themes are also rather deep so some might not be able to get it. And it is also rather hard-hitting with the depressing parts.

P.S – its being Licensed in English. That means I can buy it and read it!!!

F**k Yeah


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  1. The artwork does look really good. I see why it caught your attention. This might be something to pick up when it gets licensed. I have always toyed with the idea of reading ero manga but, I always stop myself because I don’t want to just be reading some random storyless hentai.
    I will be looking into reading this for myself for sure.

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