Time to Decipher this (Black Rock Shooter Episodic: Episode 2)

First of, I’ll like to apologize if this post seems rushed or sub-par (I’m not sure if it’ll be) but I’m typing this really late at night and I’m exhausted. But I really wanted to do this post so I thought why the hell not.

Ok, now, BLACK ROCK SHOOTER!!!!!!!!

I still think the graphics are pretty amazing and the plot thus far has been really engaging. Well, that’s to me of course as some are just plain confused at the plot and the action.

Yeah, couldn't resist adding this

Picking off where Episode 1 left off, Episode 2 begins with Mato trying to go to the Summer Festival with Yomi as she’s trying to keep her word that they will become friends. However, our creepy yandere, Kagari, forces Yomi to stay at home with her and Mato goes home all depressed after waiting for 3 hours.

I'm not even to comment on that

From the previous episode, where our counselor (whose name I still don't know actually) says that there's someone else that takes the pain and fights for you

As it turns out, for some sick twisted reason, Kagari decides to etch a heart into Yomi’s skin with a needle. Mato had dreamt about it but finds out that it did happen when they’re changing for gym before she went to yell at Yomi for simply following Kagari. Mato once again runs to meet our friendly neighbourhood counselor after this, leaving Yomi to mope.

What a weird dream. Very BDSM-ish

The counselor doing her job!!! And doing it well too

The school counselor carries out her job and speaks with Mato, on how her dream about Yomi getting a heart etched into her skin was also true in reality. She gives some sagely advice, saying that the dreams of those close to each other tend to coincide and that perhaps Yomi only wants Mato to understand her. Fat forward a bit and Mato is at Yomi’s house to meet her but alas, Yomi is stopped by Yandere Kagari on the flight of steps, which she promptly falls down to get Yomi in trouble.

This part. Creeped the shit outta me

After the fall, she decides to be more dependent I suppose

Finally, it comes to the bit where the y explain the relationship between Yomi and Kagari. As it is, they were childhood friends. But one day, Yomi had to move and Kagari chased after the car she was in, only to be knocked down by a car. She has no permanent injuries from the incident, but becomes incredibly dependant on Yomi as she doesn’t want her to leave again. Yomi also feels that she was the one who caused Kagari’s accident to occur and that’s why the pair of them are the way they are.

I'm sorry, this face was just too funny. Imagine her shouting "Prepare your anus!!!"

Mato tries to meet Yomi in Kagari’s ward only to have Kagari flip the shit out when Mato repeatedly calls for Yomi, becoming very very yandere since it seems Mato is here to take Yomi away. Annnnnd, flash to the other world!!! There, Black Rock Shooter is desperately trying to free Dead Master from the chains Chariot has placed her in. But she can only do so much as she fights against Chariot and her odd chariot. Dead Master has to free herself!!!! Somehow. Bright flash and we’re back to reality where Yomi tries to reason with Kagari, of course to no avail. Kagari is clearly intent on keeping Yomi to herself only and Mato banging away on the door yelling at Yomi  isn’t helping her keep her cool. But Mato’s words finally reach Yomi and she fights back (Of course she does).

That could be a new meme

Back in the other world, Dead Master frees herself from Chariot’s imprisonment and defeats her together with Black Rock Shooter. For some reason, a great rend open that begins to suck Chariot into it, presumably to symbolically destroy her or something but it is halted by Black Gold Saw appearing and shoving the weapon she’s named after into the rend, effectively halting it somehow. There after, she opens another rend that sucks Dead Master away. This distracs Black Rock Shooter and Chariot tries to surprise her, only to be decapitated by Black Rock Shooter anyway.

Big ass gun!!!!

That's how you shoot a Chariot

Dead Master has escaped!!! Oh no, do you want to throw another Pokeball

Black Gold Saw appears!!!

2 seconds after this, Chariot loses her head. Literally

Back in real life, Kagari suddenly becomes real docile and pleasant, as if she has come to terms with Yomi’s words or more likely, her mind snapped.

That's soooo much more pleasant. If a bit morbid

I really liked this episode of Black Rock Shooter. I felt there was a lot of development and yet left enough unanswered so that the audience will still be intrigued. Personally, I think Black Rock Shooter is all about the symbolism between the 2 worlds and the personas of the girls in both realms. Of course, that is pretty obvious but I think that what Black Rock Shooter, Dead Master, Chariot and the other two are just personifications of their emotions as they literally battle it out.

It’s obvious that Kagari has a dependency on Yomi, born out of her abandonment as a child and that’s why she acts the way she is. She is of course selfish to do keep Yomi locked up and restricted by playing on her guilt but then again, she can’t help it. Of course, what Mato is doing is of course for the greater good as it would aid both Yomi and Kagari solve their problems. All this is of course portrayed in the fighting scenes. Which is a rather interesting way to depict it as it is rather boring to just have the “real life” talking and events.

There’s actually not much else to say about this episode as it’s all already shown. I found the part where they explained Kagari and Yomi’s twisted relationship rather interesting but no exactly original. Either way, Yanderes still scare me. However, how Mato decides on her path of action to “free” Yomi  and how she does it was actually rather well done in my opinion. As said, it’s not exactly original but it was done rather well with all the emotions depicted fluently (Yep, Kagari screaming at this part was very chilling).


For the next episode, I suppose we will find out what really happened to Kagari. I have a suspicion that Black Gold Saw is the school counselor and I’m also awaiting to see how Yuu (Strength) comes into the picture in their symbolic battles.

don't mind me, just posting Yuri


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  1. STRENGTH FTW….. and come on you had to put the caption for the “tight” pic? seriously?

  2. Where can I watch this?!! It’s not on YouTube or crunchyroll 😦

  3. You do not watch it in HD? Blasphemy!

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