Otakuism From Over Here in Singapore

If you guys did not know yet, all the writers on this blog are from this great midget country known as Singapore. I have always wondered what Otakus abroad are like.

Hi, it is me Sleepy with another rant!

So to start off this pop culture exchange, I will talk about Otakus here, or what I know of them. And if you want to, you can comment what Otakuism is like in your parts. Remember, if you are Singaporean and this post insults/offends your honor in any way I apologize. If you just feel insulted by this for no reason, go ahead and tell me why. (Ok fine I want to see comments -.-)

Entertainment Pictures

Now, the fellow “comrades” here is be said (by me) to be divided to three. The Shounen watchers, casual watchers and hardcore watchers. I guess for most of you I do not need to explain what I mean. Shounen means Naruto, Bleach watchers. Casual means casual and hardcore means hardcore. Need I say more? 90% of the time, the most easily to spot are the Shounen watchers cause they go around admitting it. Casual watchers just, well, casually watch anime. Though this is the first step to being hardcore. I’ve walked that path before. But I do not want to talk about them. The main one is…

The looks we get when people know we are "Otaku"

Most hardcore watchers like Cyborg  Cyborg(apparently he claims he is not hardcore, but since he plans to get a Daikimura he is back on.) and myself are currently semi-closet Otakus though it is becoming more obvious from the state of my room and that Cyborg conveniently uses a Vocaloid file. The hardcore ones are usually hard to find as we do not like to admit it cause we get judged a lot of times. “My god, you are just watching cartoon porn!” are some of the things I have gotten from my own family so it is not hard to guess. So unless you admit you are a hardcore watcher, you will never meet another one. Unless you happen to meet online or at anime events.

Friends! HUG!

Then again, the hardcore watchers can be divided again. Cosplayers, Figure Buyers and Seiyuu Nuts. Cosplayers can come from any of the first category but it’s easier to leave them here. Surprisingly there are many Cosplayers in Singapore, as seen from AFA. But there are hardly any anime events around here (correct me if I am wrong) so we do not get to see these people often.

Comment if you want to see the writers cosplay! (lol) They are not the writers btw

Figure Buyers/Collectors well are what they seem. But as usual, the figure in scene in Singapore is rather small but there are a few good shops here and there though. It would be just awesome to see it grow I guess that will need Otakuism in Singapore to be mainstream. Hahahaha!

Uniquely Otaku! Sorry, my memory card reader failed for me to get figure pics from my tiny collection

Lastly the smallest group of Otakus I have ever heard of that exists in Singapore. The seiyuu nuts. The ones I know. Faris, and well… Me. On the bright side, no competition. The ones who are interested in seiyuu and follow them online and respect them for their hard work. This may include buying their photo books, listening to the radio and listening to the songs some of them produce. But I have to say that there are a hell little seiyuu nuts round here, so if you are one, please tell me, I need more comrades!

Seiyuu Talents: Modelling, Voicing (Duh) and Singing!

But the thing about Singapore Otakus is that for the hardcore ones, we have to creep around (at least I prefer to that) because people really stare at you if you buy stuff considered “weird”. I was just casually looking at a Ro-Kyu-Bu photo book and suddenly I noticed that the people around me were staring at me. So in Singapore, Otakus keep a rather low profile.

Is this really that bad?

I guess it is just that there are so little Otakus in total the total numbers are so little that we get dwarfed by other fans. Minorities are always thought as weird. If there were little K-Pop fans around (god I am going to get burned), it would not be “hot girls singing and dancing” but “weird sounds and weird plastic girls dancing”. So my main point is until there are nearly half a million Otakus here, we will still be considered weird and be proud of that fact.

So tell me is Otakuism on your side like mine? PS: Photos of Seiyuu from Animage’s Tumblr (http://animage.tumblr.com/). Until then, Moe picture.

Cutest Tom-boy ever


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  1. Hi there fellow sgrean as well as seiyuu nut!

  2. I am from Singapore and I find it weird that our anime subculture is mainly encompassed by moe. People’s idea of hardcore is always surround with stuff like Touhou, Loli, Dolls, Hatsune Miku, Maid, Cosplayer, Seiyuu and such, even though most of which, if you think about it, aren’t even anime related(Tohou and Hatsune Miku except from maybe some spin-off stuff like doujin ova and BRS, are not actual anime. Anime as in Japanese cartoon shown on TV).

    Many of us are also preoccupied with non anime related stuff(as in, watching anime) like dolls, hug pillows, figurines, maid cafe and such that there is a general disregard with the history of anime and behind the scene production.

    For example, I have met and speak with self proclaimed hardcore otaku but they couldn’t name 5 anime directors off their heads and they won’t really dig out stuff like Horus: Prince of the Sun to appreciate how anime got from point A to point B. Hell, most of them can count the number of pre 2003 anime they watched with one hand and think that 1998 is old school. Satoshi Kon’s death isn’t even mention slightly during AFA even though it happened within a matter of weeks back then.

    I think true hardcore fans need to at least know some of the history stuff and at least watch or read up some of these classics. To quote Okada Toshio, the Otaking, “You at least need to plough through some of the old classics to learn your anime Kungfu before you can become the master even if you don’t like them because that’s how it is. Before I am considered a sci-fi expert by my senior, I need to read through 1000 of classics sci-fi novels even though I don’t enjoy them because that is dedication and that is foundation for knowledge.”

    This is just my two cent and it might look like it but I am not questioning your passion or anime knowledge because I am pretty much on and off with anime nowadays so I don’t have the right to do that. You are most likely more knowledgeable and passionate than I am.

    I am also interested in how old people in your groups are because I have found a trend that anime fans in Singapore mostly outgrew anime and die off from anime fandom during/after university due to hectic lifestyle and pressure given by our society to act like an adult. (I don’t think watching Shana and making NOM NOM NOM and DAWWW sound effects when she is eating melon pan are seem as adult like.)

    P.S. I have read your about page after I wrote the last paragraph and it seems like you all are 16 years old. Pretty cool. I have a question though, can you see yourself hugging dakimura and watching moe anime with pride and passion at the age of 24? Or would you see yourself outgrew them because you deem them as pretty immature? I would like to know because I know a lot of people, myself included, outgrew anime after they have a taste of what real working life is like (not part time bullshit but real 8.30 to 6 working with responsibility that involve actual money ranging from the millions) and how these anime stuff are not really as important as they once think.

    • I guess it depends on how people look at it. Because technically vocaloid, touhou all have the same anime like style. Plus otakuism does include people who like jap games so even FF fans can count as “otaku” so it really depends on personal perspective

    • Thanks for your two cent, surprisingly for a two cent it was extremely informative an i have learnt several new things. Sadly i dun really know anime directors well. I guess it sees which part of anime u like to indulge in. So if u adk me about my fav seiyuu i can tell u as much as someone would say about their fav director.
      For your last question, i guess i still see myself watching anime and moe stuff, but i guess with different reactions. Like not so much “GOD SHES SO CUTE” to more of “wow, that looks realy cute” and for hugging pillows, even now i will mever buy them

  3. I wouldn’t say I’m an otaku but I am more than just a casual watcher of anime. Not hardcore but I do watch a lot of anime. People always look at me strange if I mention that I like anime and I’m in the States. Many think it’s for kids or confuse it with hentai. We have anime conventions across the country, some bigger than others. I would love to go to the big ones so I can see some good cosplay and get some items.

    • People need to know anime better then they will understand otakus, but many just dun want to give it a go and continue to call it werd

  4. Singapore?… I had been there loved the food!

    But, unfortunately, I didn’t go anywhere anime related because there was no such event back then.

    • Of course the food! Its fantastic! But singapore not yet the “2nd after japan for anime” so only can wait and pray for tht to happen

  5. Hey fellow sgrean and seiyuu nut o/

  6. Oho I see my name mentioned here!

  7. I am a seiyuu nut hahahahs 😀 So glad to find someone with similar interests !!

  8. Usually real hardcore otakus are those who are addicted to hentai instead -_- In fact self proclaimed hardcore otakus can just me those that loves anime, manga and really likes it so much that they proclaimed themselves as hardcore. While anothers can just simply like to listen to Miku songs ( I am in this ) and in fact i proclaimed my self as hardcore due to the fact that my Iphone is totally full due to Miku’s sogs and photos, i listen to the songs on a average 5 hours a day and i find it perfectly normal. To be a hardcore otaku u dont need to know everything like IwIcsYI stated. A true hardcore otaku is not afraid to let others know as thry are proud of it. I live in singapore as well and i find it strange for you people to hide the fact that you like manga and stuff like that…..

    • perhaps it’s those around us that affect our openess of such hobbies.

      • Yes, its true and anime is often misunderstood by others as hentai while so other people just think we otakus are freaking werid….. When i questioned my friend about anime and stuff like that, they tend to avoid answering……….

        • It does not help that sometimes certain people start ralkig about hentai with other people in class really loudly… Right Cyborg?

          • Well, its our passion that really matters. One day everyone will understand more so just wait…………….

          • lol.. that was hinting at what Cyborg, Free and I were doing in class and several other people joined in when the others stared on awkwardly

        • Lalallalalala

          True story bro but my version of it is way more serious ><

  9. Over here, anime is generally… accepted. Well, more like, it’s with a “for kids” perspective, since most anime around here is shounen (and there are those shows on Animax). But otherwise, no “ew, gross” comments.

    Heck, my college even has a Genshiken (anime club) with a LOT of members. (Haven’t joined yet… I think they lost my application form T.T)

    I’m a seiyuu nut myself, and I don’t know anyone in my near vicinity who’s the same. I’ve got a classmate who’s a fan of Daisuke Ono and Fukuyama Jun, but I think that’s just her fujoshi inclinations…

    Strangely enough, the other day, my other female classmate were talking about anime (we both just found out that the other was an otaku) and asked me if I watched H. I was so surprised, I couldn’t say anything. ^^;;;

    • I see, wow i should compile all the replies into a article. So many interesting stories, hmm i wanna join an anime club xD but my country takes our afterschool activities too seriously

  10. Hey theres a cosplay contest on the 24&25 of november this year for more details plz go to check it out witg garena i posted it here to let more people know and i am not related to garena

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