It feels like Usagi Drop (Papa no Iuokoto Kikinasai Episode 6 Review)

This show is completely different from what haters expected. Like the last episode, this once again proves that Papakiki is more than moe. Wow, I think I repeat myself way to often.

Then again, a little moe never hurt anyone.

I have to admit this episode managed to get a little bleary-eyed. I mean just looked at what happened.

Woops, wrong picture. てへぺろ (・ω<)

This episode gives you an Usagi Drop feel all over again. Visiting your parent’s house with your guardian after they died. Check. The girls manage to convince Yuuta that its a good idea to head back to their old house and let them get all emo. (Again) This episode had a much heavier feel than the others, although it started out so lightly.

Do... not ... make... any... sexual.... jokes.....

The girls (Sora & Miu) met up with some of their friends on the way there and although the episode did not show it, it must be exceedingly/extremely awkward for them to talk about it. Imagine this,”Hi, long time no see, my parents died and I’m living in my uncle’s mini-harem!” Seeing the different friends that they met, I have to say Miu is really popular with the guys. (Not that it surprises me) But she’s probably already friend-zoned the lot of them.

Play with me! *Slams head on table*

The sweetnes of the episode might/will give you diabetes. That part where all of Yuuta’s mini-harem goes up to him and snuggle is just… so sweet. It shows that the girls are already close to him and love him a lot. Oh wait he just grabbed Sora’s pantsu. You really need more delicacy Yuuta.

*Head still on table*

Finally what i had been dreading the entire show is coming true. The crazy lolicon Sako-senpai is coming for the girls in more than one way. (if you get what I mean) He realised the existence of Hina and the way he reacted is not a good sign. We know all hell will break loose when he finds the three angels, especially Sora. I mean it will be INSANE. The lengths he was willing to go just to discover their whereabouts was already completely/scarily scary.

I really do not want to say anything.... seriously.... no sexual jokes whatsoever

As usual I loved this episode for the way it portrays something so deep in a way simple enough for most people to get. The theme of death is something that is a really touchy subject and the way the show makes it seem not so dark, but more of a new beginning. Like in each of their own way, Yuuta and the girls have grown from the experience of losing their loved ones.

That lucky guy

I say, the way Yuuta told Sora to take the picture along just brought on the tear. (Just a little this time though) Just because something bad happened does not mean you whine about it all day long and gripe how unfair life is, neither do you bottle it up and act as nothing happened. You accept it, know that it has happened and adapt from there on. In my own opinion, that is the way I see this episode. Remember the past to move into the future.

To Emo, time to make it more E-Moe

Wow I sound so serious and melodramatic this round. Guess the emotions really got to me. Anyway quick news, sorry for the late post but I had a hectic week and stuff. So most of my usual posts, like Nichibros and InuxBoku SS will be out on Friday. Though only Nichibros is affected, since it’s the normal day for Inu. Ok, enjoy your moe picture they kindly provided me with.

Nice artwork!


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  1. Once I read that it was not a series used to prey on little girls…I have been wanting to see it. Usagi Drop was such a warm happy series it just felt…mature? Is that the word I am looking for? I will be watching this series pretty soon. I keep hearing more and more good things about it.

    • Usagi Drop had more mature themes in it and Papakiki has it too, just much more light-hearted. Watch it! I highly recommend you do

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